Rediscover “Lost” Loves with #HillsPet

Awww, now that made me cry! When you think about dog weight loss or cat weight loss, one rarely thinks how this impacts the loving bond we share, but this video about Bear drives home the point. “I gained a friend,” says Bear’s dad. Those four words explain the importance of keeping pets slim.

To see a beloved pet in such pain and discomfort, and make that awful but ethical choice to stop the suffering–and THEN instead to regain your friend with something as easy as a diet change–now that’s something to howl about! That’s why I’m so pleased to bring you this information.


Lenny BEFORE on Day 0 at 14.6 pounds. Lenny is the “clinic cat” at Fundy Veterinary Animal Hospital, and “helped himself” to food that was always available. Cat images courtesy of Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

It can be frustrating when our pets pack on the pudge, and can’t get rid of the extra poundage. After all, many of us love to “love” our pets with treats (you CAN treat your cats and your dogs with healthy treats!), and it can be difficult to deny them this kind of special attention. Even when we try to do the right thing and slim down Tubby Tabby or Rotund Rowdy-Dog, the challenges continue and we feel like heels when pets look at us with pleading eyes. The overweight pet can’t interact like he used to. Walk time becomes a chore for you and your pet so there’s less time spent out and about. Kitties that aren’t lean-mean-playing-machines sleep more and we miss that c’attitude we fell in love with.


Lenny lost 1.3 pounds AFTER eating the Metabolic…meee-WOW what a difference 180-days make! He’s inspiring other clients to slim down their tabbies, because it was so easy.

Unhealthy overweight pets just aren’t happy when they can’t physically spend quality time with us. It’s like we’ve lost our best friend. That’s what happened with the dog in the video and maybe that’s what’s happening with your cat or dog, too. Has your pet’s extra poundage impacted how you interact? Details, we want details! Did the dog used to beg to fetch the ball, and now has no interest? Does the kitty have trouble staying spiffy because it’s hard to pull off those kitty-yoga moves for good grooming?

Even cats and dogs without the severe weight issues like Bear can benefit from a bit of slimming to get to a healthier weight. It not only improves the pets’ quality of life, it enriches your relationship, too. That’s because eating Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution changes an overweight animal’s metabolism to act more like that of a lean animal, so that even after the target weight is reached, this higher efficiency metabolism continues.


Magical-Dawg loves his treats! and an empty bowl offers opportunity to offer sad puppy eyes and say, “I’m starving…fill ‘er up, pleeeeeze!” Image Copr. Amy Shojai, CABC

Do you have an overweight pet? Have you tried to slim him/her down? Older pets reluctant to move might be enticed by placing the food bowl at the top of the stairs or on a cat tree, so they must move their furry nether regions to get fed. But what goes in the bowl matters, too, and you’ll see a difference in only 60 days by feeding the Metabolic. I want my pets to stay with me as long as possible–and be happy and healthy at the same time–and keeping them slim can add to both quality of life and length of our companionship, so to me it’s a no brainer.


6-year-old Suzie BEFORE, when she weighed 82 pounds. Image courtesy of Hill’s Pet Foods


120 days later and 20.1 pounds lighter! Suzie has more spring in her paws and wag in her assets! Photo courtesy of Hill’s Pet Foods

If your pet has a weight problem, have you asked your veterinarian about Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution? Last month I blogged about how it works and why it’s such a great product here. And you can read testimonials here (type in “metabolic”) and learn more about product here as well.

Today’s blog, though, captures the true benefit–LOVE.

Now, to get the legal stuff out of the way: This post is sponsored by Hill’s. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Food, but Amy Shojai’s Bling, Bitches & Blood Blog only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article.

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Rediscover “Lost” Loves with #HillsPet — 7 Comments

  1. Our darling Lucky (whose first book is DEAR LUCKY: LETTERS TO OUR CAT) had to be put on a diet. I’ll have to ask David to write that story up — he tells it quite humorously. Lucky had had such difficult times before we rescued him that he ALWAYS said, “YES!” to more food and would even eat maple leaves on a full stomach. Sooooooo, David discovers one day at the vet’s office that he is way overfeeding him & puts him on a diet of x amount his age group was to eat. He was not a happy camper but David was not going to be the cause of him being too fight(edit: fat) so Lucky got back to his “fighting weight” and was a slim and trim fellow ever after. Lucky would remind David to take the occasional “break” when he was writing his first book, The Third Battalion Miss. Inf., and David would save a bit of his allotment for that break if memory serves.

    For some reason Lucky’s (estimated relationship) ggg nephew Wilde Oscar (though also a rescued & once feral cat) has never had a problem with weight, perhaps because he used to cadge dog food. Too soon to tell with newest member of the household but she seems to know when to turn down food.

    Good luck to all doing this — so frightening really that cats must not eat too little, yet you don’t want the stress weight puts on their hearts, etc.!

    Thanks always for your interesting & insightful posts, Amy!

  2. What a difference between Bear’s first picture and second one. He looks great. It is so great when pets trim down so they can get around better and have more fun with their owners.

  3. Amy my Macy and Thomas are both overweight. The animals above look great after their weight loss. My problem is Macy has to stay on this Hills Rx diet for bladder health because of those crystals and she has not had another flareup since I put her on that food. Her, Thomas and Termite all eat it. I don’t feel I can take her off that food and don’t know how I could feed her and Thomas the diet food also. Termite can eat anything and doesn’t need diet food. Any suggestions? Do you think I could eat that diet food with the same results? LOL

    • Hi Patricia, You’d have to ask your vet about Macy’s urinary issues and the food, and perhaps manager her with portion control–and I know that can be tough with multiple cats. The Metabolic can be fed to cats with a healthy weight, too, as I understand it. That’s the beauty of the food, it works to not only help reduce unwanted weight but also to maintain a healthy weight so all the cats could potentially eat it–IF the vet said Macy would do well on it in terms of urinary tract health. I’m NOT a vet so it’s up the medical pros to determine that but I would encourage you to discuss with your vet. Heck, wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Metabolic food worked well for all three cats?!

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