STARZ, The Musical

Starz, The Musical


STARZ, THE MUSICAL is written by playwrights SHOJAI & STEELE PLAYS especially with theater lovers in mind and explores theater from the ARTISTS’ point of view. The actors give voice to a variety of performer characters in this hilarious and often moving “drama-dy” that seeks to edu-tain audiences about how and why artists come to the theater—and often stay for a lifetime. The complete show includes 34 scenes and 14 songs, and runs approximately two hours with an intermission. It can be performed with or without a break, on a bare (or elaborate) set, and with no special costume requirements.


STARZ is a review format show, with a mix of funny to poignant scenes inspired by students and instructors attending the Texas Thespian Festival. The playwrights hope it will be widely used in productions open to a wide range of artists, from students to professionals, and especially in arts-funding endeavors.


STARZ can be cast with any age performer, but age 11 to adult is recommended. This is an ensemble show, with no specific “stars” and addresses the issue of “type casting” in a realistic but also humorous way. Therefore, a mix of body types, ages and genders offers the most fun and flexibility.

The show can be mounted with as few as 12 ADULT SINGER/ACTORS doubling roles, or 18 FEATURED PLAYERS plus a CHORUS. All featured performers may also perform in group/ensemble numbers with solo phrases/choruses assigned individually as wished, and some non-singing roles. Only a few characters are specifically male/female, with most open to either pending your best casting options.


Characters are self-described MISFITS, who find a supportive and accepting family in the theatre. They include:

  • WALLY and his sports-booster DAD
  • The reluctant SHIRLEY and her gung-ho pushy stage MOM
  • The class clown SHECKY and know-it-all LANCE
  • BUBBA dragged to auditions by his girlfriend, and nerdy CHANCE
  • Deeply shy but multi-talented POINDEXTER
  • Outgoing cheerleader BERTHA, and GIRL TRIO backup singers


A variety of solos, duets and group numbers are included in the show. Most harmonies are composed either of “rounds” or of combined solo/melody lines that harmonize. The music is composed to sound complex and full, while being easy to learn and perform even by non-music-reading performers.

A piano/vocal score (ABOVE) is available for rehearsal and/or performance, as well as a rehearsal/performance audio CD. A full orchestration performance CD is available for a professional sounding production.

For PERUSAL SCRIPT and/or licensing information contact shojai-steele-plays @ (no spaces) with STARZ in the subject line.

Or, request to join the private STARZ FACEBOOK GROUP to read the script and hear the music.

Songs & Scenes include:


  • Scene 1: Misfit: Company
  • Scene 2: Slate: Company
  • Scene 3: My Way, Or The Highway: Director 1, Company
  • Scene 4: Father/Son 1:  Dad, Wally
  • Scene 5: Theater Games 1: Lance
  • Scene 6: Sparkle: Mom, Shirley
  • Scene 7: Know It All 1: Lance
  • Scene 8: Piano Man: Pianist, Various VO
  • Scene 9: Boogie Woogie Laffs: Shecky
  • Scene 10: Know It All 2: Lance
  • Scene 11: In It For The Babes: Chance, Girl Trio
  • Scene 12: Know It All #3: Lance
  • ­Scene 13: We’re Not Babies: Poindexter, Stage Manager, Chance
  • Scene 14: Starz: Bertha, Wally, Mom
  • Scene 15: Make Me Proud: Dad
  • Scene 16: Talk Dirty To Me: VO, Bubba
  • Scene 17: Broken Dreams: Director 2
  • Scene 18: Fit The Suit: Company


  • Scene 1: Dreams Never Die: Director 2
  • Scene 2: I’m Perfect: Bertha, Lance, Chance
  • Scene 3: You’re Enough: Director 2
  • Scene 4: Waltzing In 4/4 Time: Wally
  • Scene 5: Theater Games 2: Lance
  • Scene 6: Dueling Directors:  Directors, Mom, Bertha, Shirley, Poindexter, Shecky
  • Scene 7: Dueling Directors: Directors, Mom, Bertha, Shirley, Poindexter, Shecky
  • Scene 8: Know It All 4: Lance
  • Scene 9: Stage Crush: Poindexter, Bubba, VO
  • Scene 10: When Kisses Don’t Matter: Poindexter, Bubba
  • Scene 11: Know It All 5: Lance
  • Scene 12: Cry Baby Cry: Bertha, Shirley, Wally, VO
  • Scene 13: Respect: Stage Manager
  • Scene 14: When Techies Let You Down & Techie Rap: Company
  • Scene 15: Father/Son 2: Dad, Wally
  • Scene 16: Starz Finale: Company