Pet-centric Thriller — As A Movie? VOTE for Lost And Found

Really quick note–and asking a 10-second favor.

On a whim, I submitted my book to, where directors and producers can browse the catalog and … as it happens, the book was chosen to be profiled in a CONTEST. Now YOU have a chance to vote for Lost And Found as a movie or even a TV series!

VOTE for LOST AND FOUND as a Movie

That’s right, YOU get to vote to have LOST AND FOUND (and maybe the whole series?) turned into a movie or TV production. How cool is that?


The contest ends in two days on Friday–and I’ve never been in one of these popularity contests before, so hoping the added attention might get the story some notice. Couldn’t hurt, right?

Please share with others who’d like to see a pet-centric “good-dog” (and cat) film. *sitting up and begging…* So please re-tweet, Facebook share, Instagram post, whatever you do could help.
Thanks in advance!

Hey, what actor would you like to see portray the main characters? Do tell!

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