Pet-centric Books? Proud to Be #PoweredByIndie

During the month of October, Amazon is celebrating great writing self-published via Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), CreateSpace and Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX). The celebration will include a dedicated Amazon landing page and special features on the KDP social media page celebrating books #PoweredByIndie.

I published dozens of books the “traditional” way with New York via the help of a fantastic, high-power agent. Today, the majority of my work is self-published using tools provided by Amazon and others.

Currently, I have 65 KDP titles either already published or ready to release. Ten of these titles are available via CreateSpace, including three scripts and two piano-vocal scores. Also, I’ve published five audio books released via ACX with 7 more in production.


New Choices in Natural Healing for Dogs & Cats

Here’s an example. New Choices released in hardcover in Fall 1999, sold extremely well, and was later released in a soft cover edition in 2001. But it went out of print about 10 years ago, yet “used” copies remained in demand. So . . .

As an Indie author, the answer to me was simple. Release a new edition but this time make it even more available. The new, larger-format 2016 edition released last week, with the Kindle version NOW RELEASED HERE! and I’ll be “voicing” the book for the audio version through ACX, as well.

I Love Being Indie Because . . .

I love being indie (or maybe more accurately, a “hybrid”) author. That gives me freedom to create and distribute work quickly and with flexibility to my pet-centric audience. I get to choose–or ask my readers for input–about covers, titles, and content. It’s a new partnership, no longer ruled by an unknown committee. I partner with my choice of editors, designers, and others to best serve readers who depend on me for accurate and entertaining content.


Cat Facts: The Pet Parent's A-to-Z Home Care Encyclopedia








Timing Is Everything

As a nonfiction author of prescriptive pet books, I was frustrated by how long it took to get the latest information to readers. 18 MONTHS OR MORE, are you KIDDING ME? Updates were impossible, when new information was discovered or old info discredited.

Today, that’s changed. I can release books when I want. I’m able to distribute my books how I want. I  can decide what platforms to use. With my Cat Facts and Dog Facts book, I’m even releasing them one chapter at a time.

Cat-Dog Facts-Series

With pets (and hence, pet books), something new always pokes its cold, inquisitive nose over the horizon–or into your armpit, LOL! Self-publishing allows me to include the latest greatest nonfiction breakthroughs, and bring back out-of-print favorite titles for a brand new audience to discover. Oh, and it allows me to experiment with work that causes traditional publishers to turn tail and run.

Amazon Self-Publishing for Fur-ocious Fiction-ing

As a hybrid author #PoweredByIndie I finally got to write the stories I’d always wanted to read. I’m now able to create innovative works of fiction my readers love. I’ve even garnered fantastic endorsements from best-selling authors.

All this, for stories “New York” publishers would probably never have offered a chance. And as a self-published author working with ACX, I get to choose who “voices” my stories, hold auditions for VO artists, or even produce audio books myself in my home studio. Can you say, “author-preneur?”

audio of Hide And Seek thriller LostFoundAudio








Yes, my THRILLERS WITH BITE include a service dog viewpoint character. My Lei Crime Kindle Worlds novella BORN TO LOVE features the viewpoint of a puppy-police-dog-in-training. Did you even KNOW about the opportunities offered by Kindle Worlds for writer? Mee-wow & arooooo, who’d-a-thunk-it?

What about you? Are you an “indie” author or a reader that appreciates this brave new world? Don’t forget to check out all the great titles this month on the Amazon landing page (let me know if you find one or more of my books there, too!).


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  1. The Golden puppy on the cover of your book looks EXACTLY how my now 6-y/o Tigger was when we first got him. #adorable. It was interesting reading about your publishing journey. I have an agent right now and two projects that are being considered. I don’t really want to self-publish because I am not an expert (I’m a teacher by day). Anyway, if we don’t get any offers, perhaps I will do my own thing and self-publish.

  2. That’s awesome! So many books. It’s nice to see more natural pet books out there. Way too many uneccessary chemicals.

    • I got rights back on several of my books quite a while before self publishing took off…and they just sat there. I was late starting on this project. For the Natural Healing book, I don’t own the copyright so they didn’t revert rights. But since the book had been out of print for so long–yet “used” copies continued to be sold (and well reviewed!), I asked my agent to contact them. Rodale granted me the exclusive, irrevocable worldwide/future rights to publish the book in print, digital and audio. *s*

  3. I think this is a great time to be an author, you have so much more of a voice in how things are done than you would have had 15 years ago. (I’m not an author, just a reader.) You seem to be a prolific writer, I’m in awe!

  4. You are such a prolific writer, Amy! I can’t believe how many titles you’ve published. I love when people self publish, it’s not only great freedom for the writer but it’s great for readers as well, we get to decide if a book is good NOT a big publisher! There’s so much out there that never would have been published if it weren’t for self publishing options like Kindle.

    • Hi Cathy! It has become great for readers, with more options for what they’re needing or enjoying. The challenge now for both readers and writers is … discoverability. So much out there, it’s hard to find exactly what you want, right? That’s why I’m so grateful for y’all checking this out (and maybe mentioning one of my titles to others who might want it).

    • I worked with a small publisher Cool Gus Publishing for my thrillers, but I self-published the audio books. Yes, the audio is a growing platform. Amazon has a self publishing program that then sells the audio through audible, amazon and iTunes.

  5. Wow, perfect timing! I love the fact it’s possible to publish books on your own, doing what you want, when you want. Definitely fits my personality. I’ve been trying to write this book/guide for almost a year. I tackle it for a few days, then leave it then forget about it. Two days ago I mentioned to my husband that it’s about time I got stuck into to writing, but my blog keeps me so busy. Thanks for the helpful info, and for the reminder.

    • You can do this! If you’re able to keep up with a blog, you can absolutely write a book. It’s overwhelming to look at the WHOLE THING in front of you but not so bad to think of each chapter or section as one blog post. One page a day and you’ll have it ready in a year! Go for it.

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