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A couple of weeks ago, I received a surprising email fromL.G. Potter, offering me the opportunity to review a personalized custom-made ceramic pet bowl. Yeah, right, I thought. I get a LOT of solicitations and for the most part, I don’t have the time or interest to review them. After all, I’ve only got two pets (AWESOME fur-kids, but hardly a statistical population…).

But I couldn’t resist checking out the website–and what I saw looked danged impressive. In another life, I created ceramic pieces and attempted to throw pots on the wheel, though I wasn’t very good at it. But I can recognize skill and know what artistry is required to make such things. So…I sent a reply to let Lewis Barnes III (aka LG Potter) know that I’d love to review a pet bowl.

Mr. Barnes offered to donate a bowl, personalized, and I gave him a choice of either a small kitty-size bowl for Seren (priced at $40) or a jumbo-size dog bowl for Magic ($60). I didn’t want to be the one to tell one or the other that they drew the short straw and didn’t get a bowl. 🙂  I could have gotten one plain (a bit less expensive) but what’s the fun in that? But Mr. Barnes, as generous as he is talented, offered to donate one for EACH of the fur-kids, wow! In exchange I offered to publish an honest review…or rather, the pets would. After all, I’d already written about how cats eat as well as how dogs eat, so they need something stylin’ to put the munchies.

Along the way, he sent me several photos of the in-process work and I’ve shared them here. Be sure to page down to the bottom of the blog for a video review straight from the kitty/doggy mouth. I’ll be posting a more formal review (since Magic and Seren don’t type very well on their paw-top computers) on the site and will link here when it goes live. Check out this awesome process that goes into making LG Potter Personalized Pet Bowls.

UPDATE: LG Potter has sadly discontinued making personalized pet bowls. Since links are broken, they have been removed. My apologies.




Magic’s bowl is formed (“thrown”) first on the wheel.


…And so is Seren’s, a slightly smaller size.


Another portion of the bowl, a cylinder, is formed for the dish to set down inside, and compressed together. A template for the cut out handles is placed (2 for big bowls, 1 for smalls), with the pet’s name — limited to 7 characters.


The finished bowl, still wet, is allowed to dry completely.


Seren’s bowl is identical to Magic’s but smaller–and only a single cut out handle is created.


Once the pottery cures to greenware stage it’s incredibly fragile–and then fired in a kiln to basically “bake” it and fuse the clay into a single ceramic piece.


After the bowls are fired, the color (glaze) is applied and the bowls are fired again. Half a dozen colors/glazes are available.


The process to make the bowls from raw claw to finished bowl delivered to your door takes about three to four weeks. I chose the “Model L” design–there are two others, including one with a raised spot in the middle to help slow down gulping eaters.

Holidays may take up to six weeks. Now I wish that I’d been able to post this review in time for you to order bowls as gifts for Mother’s Day…because I suspect lots of “pet parents” out there will love this design. The bowls are dishwasher (top rack) safe as well as food safe.

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Personalized Pet Bowls Review — 12 Comments

    • They are very sturdy. I’m always leery of such things for roughneck dogs like Magic, but the double-thick construction really adds stability and a solid feel. I’ve not run one through the dishwasher–yet–and they’re so pretty I’m tempted to use ’em for me. *s*

    • I used to do ceramic sculpture (small pieces) so I know the process. And as I said, thrown pottery is a whole other skill. Thanks for the comments! These are works of art, IMO.

  1. Those bowls are beautiful! I wouldn’t mind one for myself. Looks like a pretty good cereal bowl. I have always heard that ceramics are very hard to do – I believe it!

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