Panera Bread Book Signing: Paw-tographs for Gifts

Panera Bread book signing

Amy Shojai, Dusty Rainbolt and Lois Richardson will have these (and maybe other!) books at the event. Get a book signed (or PAW-tographed) for holiday gifts!

What do authors, books and Panera Bread have in common? Read on!

For the past several years, I’ve not done many local book signing events. Part of that has to do with the change in books and taking control back of my own publishing. While all of my books are available through online bookstores, the physical brick-and-mortar stores may be able to order the books but aren’t able to stock them. Consequently, bookstores that used to host my signing events (and those of my colleagues) now are not allowed to do so.

*sad face*


In a way, though, that forces author-preneurs like myself to think outside of the box(store) and find innovative and fun ways to connect with readers. Independent book stores ROCK and are still very supportive of all authors. Libraries also celebrate writers and authors in our vast and myriad forms of publication (I’ll be signing/speaking at a Bristol Public Library Dec. 19 in Bristol, Indiana).

And now…one of my favorite go-to local eateries, Panera Bread — one that has saved me countless times by offering free wifi when my Internet went ker-flooey — has gone above and beyond.


Next Saturday, December 10 from 9-11:00 a.m., the Sherman Texas Panera Bread at the Town Center will host a book signing for myself and two other local authors, Dusty Rainbolt and Lois Richardson. YEE-HAW! Come grab breakfast and shop for Christmas, for the book lovers (and pet lovers) in your life!

You can let me know you’re coming on the Facebook Event Page here. Please invite your N. Texas Friends.



Magical-Dawg inspires my thrillers! Well…so do the cats (but don’t tell them or they’ll get big heads!).

Rainbolt, a past president of the Cat Writers Association, is a cat behavior consultant from Flower Mound. She is an award winning author of cat care books and mysteries. She’ll sign her newest book Cat Scene Investigator: Solve Your Cat’s Litter Box Mystery as well as Cat Wrangling Made Easy and Kittens for Dummies. She also will have on “paw” her ghostly historical mystery, Death Under the Crescent Moon.

Richardson, an accomplished artist living in Whitesboro, is a longtime member of Oklahoma Writers Federation. She writes both nonfiction and young adult mysteries. She will sign the first book in her young adult mystery series, The Forbidden Room.

As for me, I’m a certified animal behavior consultant, a nationally known author of 30 pet care and suspense books, and past president of both Cat Writers Association and Oklahoma Writers Federation. I’ll sign copies of my dog-viewpoint September Day thrillers, and my three most recent nonfiction titles: Dog Facts, Cat Facts and New Choices in Natural Healing for Dogs & Cats.


All of us are eager to answer questions about our writing and publishing journeys and let y’all know more about our books. Dusty and I are also happy to entertain pet questions.

Can’t make it to the event in person? All books mentioned are also available to be ordered from amazon and other fine online retailers. Contact the individual authors through their websites and I’m sure they’ll be happy to send a personalized autographed bookplate to the gift recipient (or in honor of a pet?).

So…are books on your holiday gift giving list? Do you even care if there’s a purr-sonal inscription from the author? And authors, what unique outside-the-box venues have you appeared? Do tell!

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26 thoughts on “Panera Bread Book Signing: Paw-tographs for Gifts

    • Where are you located? I could see in the future…”The Panera Bread Author Book Tour Event…” *s* But I’d have to eat their luscious salads all the time or would balloon out with all the yummy bread and desert options. Have you had their soup in a bread bowl? TO DIE FOR!

  1. I am an avid reader. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t read. But what a marvellous idea of having an event like this at Panera bread, I must check and see if they do this at the Canadian locations.

    • Sonja, I’ve had some of my best events at non-bookstore venues. Cat shows are great! And I had a signing at a Starbucks one time, too. If your book(s) are about your travels, I could see you being hosted by a travel booking agency.

  2. That is such a terrific idea! Our local shelter wanted to have an available special needs dog that needed to be rescued at a Harley’s Story book signing (themed around special needs) and it was difficult to find a place to host. We finally found a local, independently owned, pet store. I donated a portion of the proceeds of book sales, the venue donated a portion of sales made during the event to the shelter and we had a special needs dog with epilepsy available for adoption. Win, Win, Win for everybody!

    • Beth, it’s so cool to meet people! I’ve been fortunate to connect on Facebook and other social media with many of them but you can’t beat in person. Hope you enjoy the September Day Thrillers when you have the chance to read them! I need to get the 4th one done… *s*

  3. All three of my faves! What a great place to have a book signing. Have fun and hope it is super successful!

    (I share your *sad face* about how bookstores no longer host author events like they used to. I miss the old days!)

  4. There’s a local Panera here in Boulder when you are ready to head to Colorado on your next tour! Breakfast and books are two things I love!! (I would love to chat with you about your American Pit Bull Terrier book!)

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