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Author Amy Shojai offers different newsletter versions for your reading and pet-loving pleasure. These FREE E-Newsletters include health and behavior articles, pet-centric care tips, training tricks, pet news, Amy appearances, thriller-icity info and advice. Newsletters come directly to your in-box. You can read what you like and pass on to other pet-loving fiction-reading friends.

I’ve got a newsletter for CAT LOVERS ONLY or for DOG LOVERS ONLY, and for FICTION FANS of my pet-centric fiction. For those interested in theater, plays & script, you can sign up here for that newsletter.

For SUPER FANS who like advance peeks of forthcoming books (and will review them), check out the TRIPLE A TEAM HERE.

Want help with your writing and publishing dreams? Subscribe to WRITE SCHTUFF (FICTION) and/or WRITE SCHTUFF (NONFICTION).

PETS PEEVES (below) covers EVERYTHING! It includes a roundup of blog posts covering cats, dogs & sometimes publishing, as well as free book sample give-aways. Don’t miss out!


by filling out the form, below. Please send this offer to your other pet-loving friends! You can unsubscribe at any time, of course.

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