Monday Mentions: Writer-icity & Pet-astic Links & CHEW on THIS!


I love that picture! Used it as the header for my Puppies Facebook Page which…has GONE AWAY! (or it will, shortly). Oh, the site isn’t going anywhere, but the powers that be have made a few changes. I’m no longer the Puppies Guide. Now I’m the Puppies EXPERT (can you see my virtual tail wagging?!). In addition, since guides/experts also often have our own platforms and social media sites, we are now encouraged to use THOSE to continue sharing our content–in my case, that’s lots of puppy-licious info I’ll be sharing regularly on my various outlets. So I hope y’all will join me–and if you previously “liked” my puppies site on facebook, just wag on over to the new hook up:

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Of course, I also hope you’ll subscribe to my Pet Peeves quarterly newsletter (gave away over 20 books with the last issue…just saying 🙂 ) And you can always subscribe to this blog…see the link below to manage your subscription, too. Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. Check out the THRILLERFEST video at the bottom, too.  For new followers to the blog, welcome! and you can expect more cat and dog specific schtuff later in the week on Wednesday and Friday.



 ALLi WARNING! Writers & Artists Comparison Site is a pay-to-play site, so the good may be listed alongside the very bad. Details in the link.

Writerly Motivations from Zig and Jenny Hansen

 GallyCat’s Freelance Editor Directory you can find your next editor–or list your services

Swoon Reads, CrowdSource Publisher for Teen Romance  Interesting concept, just be sure to read all the fine print.


Cats May Be Key to Developing Human HIV Vaccine!

Dogs Are People, Too …according to some awesome new MRI brain studies! Fascinating stuff.

Vote For Hambone Awards the most outrageous pet insurance claims of the year–the winner gets $10,000 donated to the clinic that treated the pet, to be used for needy critters that otherwise can’t afford treatment. (Named originally after a dog that ate an entire Thanksgiving ham while stuck in a refrigerator)

Innovative Canine Nasal Tumor Treatment

Thanks to Colin Falconer for the video, below–If you want something bad enough, don’t be afraid to plunge in after it!

2012 Thrillerfest Panel


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