Monday Mentions: Word-icity, Food Stamps for Pets & Nosy Awards


Deb Laroche gave me a GREAT review for LOST AND FOUND thriller…and also sent a picture of her expert doggy critics gallery, L-R: Tess, Sookie, Spike and Harley. Thanks to all for the paws-up! Anyone who has reviewed the book–please send a picture of your fur-kids with a link to the review and I’ll post ’em on a future blog!

As a writer, I love words and I suspect readers love ’em, too. Some words are just fun to say, and the other day my co-author and I got tickled listing a bunch of our favs. To spread the fun around, I posted a note on my Facebook Page inviting folks to add their own silly or interesting words. These are great to throw into writer-ly scenes, and can add great character to your fiction-icity.

Well yes, I make up words, too. 🙂 I offered the word PUCE. My co-author replied with SNORKLE. I came back with GARBANZO. KUMQUAT. SCRUMPTIOUS.

Here are more words my Facebook Friends and I added–DISCOMBOBULATE. Antidisestablishmentarianism. MOCKNEFARIOUS (a worthy made-up word!)  KOKOMO, WAUKARUSA, KITCHICOQUILLIS, NAPPANEE. Fustian hippopotamus absodamnlutely cockles. Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (Hawaii’s state fish). Vendouza (Greek for “suction cup”). Onamatopoei, Trebuchet. SCARF. Acetabulum. SASQUATCH. TORPID. LUDICROUS. NOXIOUS. SQUIB. Upsidebittemus. Diaphanous Melanoma Malevolent Shyster. Pavlova. Carbunkle, synchronize, vicisitude. Melliflous, nonchalant (so Audrey Hepburn, that one), obsequious and kerfluffle. Jubilate. Clock. Serendipity!

Yeah, I know, my FB cronies ROCK. So what are some of YOUR favs? Post in the comments–and I’ll be extra impressed for those of you able to make a sentence out of 5 or more of the above words that actually make sense. *eg* Don’t miss the hilarious video at the end of the blog, too, with more word-icity.

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. Lots of contests today for cat videos, best veterinarian, dog heroes and pet blogs so be sure to enter and/or nominate your favs. For new followers to the blog, welcome! and you can expect more cat and dog specific schtuff later in the week on Wednesday and Friday.



 Penguin’s Solution for Authors just who benefits? Great post by David Gaughran.

Unattractive Contract at Random House’s HYDRA opined by Writer Beware in another interesting development

Want to Sell Gift Cards for Your Books? Here’s a plan…be sure to read the comments, too, some terrific ideas and tips

15 Ways to Build Your Subscriber List shared by my colleague Diane Capri 

Turning Your Novel Into a Serial (no, not cereal…although that might be tasty!)

Get Your Book Reviewed by San Francisco Book Review

Forbes Article on Amazon Reader Buying Trends pointed out by the awesome Steena Holmes

Blue Mountain Arts Seeks Greeting Card Freelancers “We are looking for highly original and creative submissions on friendship, family, special occasions, positive living, and other topics one person might want to share with another person. Submissions may also be considered for inclusion in book anthologies. We pay $300 per poem for all rights to publish it on a greeting card and $50 if your poem is used only in an anthology.”

William Bernhardt Writing Seminars in Oklahoma City in April and June, highly recommended

Dogs In Canada Revived! new life for this prestigious magazine

Ghost Story With Cats from my colleague Dusty Rainbolt–based on a chilling REAL experience (see the video, below)


Food Stamps for Pets to help feed the furry family members of those needing help. PAWsome! Check out the video below, too.

My Cat’s Story Video Contest! get your camera’s rolling, this is great fun for you and your cats

America’s Favorite Veterinarian Contest share why your vet’s the cat’s meow (and puts the wag in your dog’s swag!)

“Dear Future Me” a charming dog-blog and an incredibly moving post of a dog’s wish for his canine successors

How To Be A Responsible Cat Owner many of these apply to dogs, too

Hero Dog Awards Nominations Open from American Humane

BlogPaws Announces Conference Speakers and guess who is speaking? *s* (moi!) This topical actually fits under both writer and pet shtuff, and the conference May 16-18 just outside Washington, DC is THE place for pet-centric bloggers of every kind to learn about social media, blogging, and even monetizing your work. (Yep, bet those last three words made your furry lil’ ears prick up!) BlogPaws also has awards for pet bloggers–I’ve already nominated a BUNCH of my favorite pet-centric blogs out there, and this is your chance to also nominate your furry must-reads. Sure, I’d be flattered to receive a nomination…but this isn’t a popularity contest so there’s no need for bunches of folks to “vote.” Here’s the details:

Nominations for the 2013 BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Social Media and Pet Blogging Awards

Nominations open at 12:00 PM EST, Wednesday, February 27th and close at 3:00 PM EST Friday, March 8th. Click on the image for the category you would like to nominate a Blog, Facebook Page or Twitter Page for. These images are the badges that the finalists will receive. For complete rules and regulations please visit our BlogPaws Official Rules and Regulations page.

To nominate a blog for “Best Blog Design” or “Best Blog Writing” or “Best Humor Blog”:


To nominate a blog for “Best Bark Blog” or “Best Meow Blog” or “Best Wiggle Blog”:


To nominate a blog for “Best New Blog” or “Best Cause Blog” or “Best Blog Video”:


To nominate a blog for “Best Blog Photo” or “Best Facebook Design” or “Best Twitter Design”:


Please be sure to read the BlogPaws Official Rules and Regulations.

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