Monday Mentions: Webinars, ComPETability & Thriller-icity


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The EBook version of ComPETability(Dogs)  is FREE for the next couple of weeks, in exchange for an honest review. Feel free to share the link with all your pet loving friends.

Last Friday I had a lovely conversation with my editor about the future plans for my fiction. It’s all very exciting! But none of it will happen–until I get MORE BOOKS WRITTEN! Most of y’all know that the sequel to LOST AND FOUND is in the works. Readers asked for it so HIDE AND SEEK will have more dog-viewpoint (yay Shadow!), more September (including more explanation about her mysterious PTSD), and more Macy-the-Cat. . . and a few others to-be-named dogs and cats, as well. Stay tuned, maybe YOU will get to name ’em.

The third book in the series, tentatively titled SEARCH AND DESTROY is now officially in the lineup, too. SQUEEEE! YIKES, now I gotta get on the schtick and speed up the writer-icity to meet those deadlines. 🙂 Do you work better when you have deadlines? I sure do…never mind that they create more gray hairs. Because of the schedule (two books in about six months) the blogging schedule may get a weeee bit erratic at times, but I’ll do my best to keep up. Please forgive me in advance, should the wheels fall off…and I hope you’ll stick around for all the thriller-icity to come!

Meanwhile, I’m also offering a few more Webinars on writer-ly subjects over the next two weeks that cover Media Training for Authors, one on Writing Nonfiction Book Proposals, and a two-day session in August on Niche Writing. These are available on the web with your headset or telephone line, and recorded for you to watch/listen after the fact as well. Hope some of my hard-won experience and tips will help you achieve yoru writer-ly dreams, too.

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. For new followers to the blog, welcome! and you can expect more cat and dog specific schtuff later in the week on Wednesday and Friday.


Lights! Cameras! Action! Media Training for Writers (and Others)this is the next Webinar I’m presenting June 15, that’s THIS SATURDAY!

WANA Learn About Facebook? another Webinar available with the awesome Lisa Hall-Wilson also June 15

Re-Pin That Pin…What Gets The Most Attention color, apparently

Publishing on Kobo with Kobo’s Mark Lefebvre Audio interview

BEA Recap Here and yet another one Here

BEA Fail with Power Readers …and the book sellers don’t get it, either. (read the comments, too)

Amazon In London a new headquarters to come

New Ingram SPARK PUBLISHING PROGRAM and more info from an Indie Author perspective

Neat Recap of BEA

15 Ways Amazon KDP Could Improve

 ALLi & Changing Attitudes About Indies

Free Listing for Freelance Editors & Agents

Becoming Google Fluent

Ebook Antitrust Case Against Apple to Begin

 DNA in Minutes fiction-ready technology (and reality soon!)

 Going Viral…A Reality Check for Writers

Going Twitter-verse Viral…In A Bad Way! this is hilarious! #truth


Purina to Buy PetFinder oh-my-doG what d’ya think of that???

Alley Cat Allies Conference Architects of Change for Cats

Dolphin Surgery Amazing story…first time ever performed on a dolphin and saved her life!

 ER for Mice? Really? what do you think?

Pit Bull Gets A New Leg

Cutting Edge Pet Care nice article on new frontiers

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  1. Thanks Amy for sharing the great news about your upcoming sequels to LOST AND FOUND. I love the titles – they are so intriguing! Two books in 6 months – OMG that sounds like so much especially with everything else you do. I agree with you – I always worked better with deadlines too. My 10 years at the newspaper was in composing and always under a stressful deadline to meet press time but I loved and enjoyed every minute of it. Then I spent 28 years at Cigna under strict guidelines for production and quality. If not met after a short while, then verbal probation, written probation and finally out the door. On top of that if you worked at home then more pressure because production was higher which meant more self discipline for me. I had to have peace and quiet so no TV, radio or visitors. I could have had visitors, took a nap, etc. but all time off clock had to be made up. I could have been working all day and half the night just to do 8 hours. You take the time you need. I’m just so very grateful and thankful for all you do and share with us. And let’s not forget all you do for our fur kids. I hope you have a glorious and productive week.

    • Hi Patricia, Journalists really know from deadlines. My brother started out in newspapers, and as a freelancer I learned early on that those who meet (or BEAT) deadlines get the repeat business and assignments. Cigna is another example. I think as self employed folks we must be as much or more dedicated to meeting our own expectations…and ignore the vacuuming that needs to be done. *vbg*

      Answering email/messages first thing in the morning, and already vacuumed, too. So ready to start the treadmill-writing shortly. Thanks so much for being one of my most faithful blog-icity and FB friends!

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