Monday Mentions: Trampoline Dogs, Celebrity Cats & Hero of the Year

Jackson Galaxy was one of our featured speakers. Here he’s with Keith Bowers (of Catster and Dogster) also a speaker.

[caption id=”attachment_4972″ align=”aligncenter” width=”300″ Copr. Angie Holland Bailey

Yes, I was a speaker and gave an overview of my Kindle-ization journey. We went a half hour longer than scheduled answering questions and discussing the E-pub opportunities. There were a host of great sessions, from how-to panels by agents and editors, to clicker training sessions for cats (Bengals were in attendance!) and sessions on social media and more. Here’s a short review from one of our attendees, so glad he enjoyed my session, too!

Copr. Angie Holland Bailey

My roommate for the conference, Dusty Rainbolt, is the current VP of the Cat Writers Association. And yes, she’s from Texas, too…you can tell by the sparkles. *s* We always dress up for the CWA Awards Banquet. And both of us won. I received two MUSE MEDALLION awards, the first for my PETiQuette newspaper column and the second for this online article 10 Tips to Keep Your Cats Brain Forever Young.  Dusty won several awards, including the SHOJAI MENTOR AWARD for helping two newer members accomplish their publishing dreams.

Yes, CWA is that kind of organization. 🙂

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. I’ll be playing catch-up this week after the conference so today’s post may be a bit thin…but I’ll make up for it the rest of the week. Be sure to check out two awesome videos–first, a bulldog bouncing and rolling with glee on a trampoline. And then at the bottom, a nominee for CNN Hero of the Year–a dog trainer who deserves your vote.


Deconstructing BEFORE Re-Writing, a great blog by Anna DeStefano

How to Create Your Own Marketing Team, I talked a bit about this at the Kindle-ization talk

What To Put In Your Author Newsletter

Shut UP! Or We’ll Make You a new way to stop people talking with a verbal “gun” — neat to add to your plot!

How To Keep Your Book in the Top 100 lots of “indie” advice

Removing Reviews–Why They Go Away

Screenplay Replay Contest, look out–from Author Beware

Agents Self Publishing & Mysterious White Glove what the heck IS that? If you know, please share.


Voting In the Animal Kingdom, very interesting.

Doggy Trampoline this video is HILARIOUS! This bulldog is having so much fun

Pet Insurance Info could be helpful in choosing for your special pet (note, some info may apply only to UK pet owners)

Watch Out for Dog Shampoo…it can be dangerous, from the fine folks at Dogster

Human Perceptions of Kitty Coat Color...note, this is PERCEPTIONS not necessarily reality, LOL! This takes kitty typecasting to task.

Dog Noses On Trial is dog sniffing allowable by Fourth Amendment?

HSUS Cats Outdoors Conference in December

Hurricane Sandy & Rats! and more on Sandy and pet evacuations

You have GOT to see this video–and then VOTE! Hey this isn’t about the election, it’s about CNN Hero of the Year, someone helping partner veterans with needed service dogs. Check out the black GSD named SHADOW in the video, partnered with a veteran suffering from PTSD. Sound familiar? Wow… *wiping eyes*  Yes, I voted for Dog Trainer Mary Cortani.

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Monday Mentions: Trampoline Dogs, Celebrity Cats & Hero of the Year — 5 Comments

  1. Twenty years ago Amy Shojai set the tone for the Cat Writers Association. Her vision still continues. I’m only emulating her.

    I have to say, “Never play poker with Amy.” We spent four days together and she never let on that my name was on the plaque.

    Thank you Amy, Marci, Angie.

    Dusty Rainbolt
    Cat Writers’ Association Vice President

  2. That “gun” messing with speakers… yeah imagine that delayed echo for an ENTIRE PHONE CONVERSATION when you’re supposed to be all professional and whatnot. Every time that happens on one of my calls, I swear the person on the other end has got to think I’m some kind of idiot because I can’t piece a sentence together with my voice bouncing back to distract me.

    The animal democracy article is very interesting. Reasons I love these link blogs – awesome stuff I wouldn’t have found otherwise. 🙂

    Every time that trampoline dog stops, I swear it looks like he’s saying “Hey guys, get up here! Why aren’t you coming in? This thing is AWESOME!”

    On the shampoos – I think D-limonene is a citrus extract. Aren’t all citrus fruits dangerous to cats and dogs? I know they are to cats. Though if you want a good pet-safe soap that has at least been tried and tested on dogs (and I believe at least once on a very grumpy fox – SO does not have the grooming sense of her predecessor), a friend of mine does homemade soaps, I could link folks to her Facebook page if anyone’s interested. She has, however, halted sales for the moment as her husband just died, so it may be a while before she sells any again. Yep, the friend with the rescued foxes again. The old one who died last year was good about grooming herself when she got burrs and mud and such all over her. The younger one? Full adult by calendar age, big fuzzy toddler by behavior. Pretty sure she’s had to be bathed a couple times, and this past summer had her whole butt shaved because she just decided she was going to let the shedding fur stick around as an unhealthy fashion statement. *facepalm* Said friend is allergic to cats, but I believe she does have one that’s supposed to be cat-safe as well (I hope I never have to test it myself, otherwise I may be taking up donations for replacement arms… possibly a new face… LOL). If nothing else, you can order a batch of totally unscented soap and it should be fine. Plain old lye soap (done the RIGHT way, so doesn’t burn like the stereotypical stuff – if it burns, it’s not been made by somebody who really knows what they’re doing) – I’ve started using it for everything. Sodium laureth sulfate is bad for us, it’s GOT to be bad for the furkids too.

    On the color study, I think they should have separated calicos from torties. Having those big splotches of white can alter perception. After all, those Japanese lucky cats are at least somewhat familiar, and those are usually calico. Lots of white, just a splash of color. You can lose a tortie if she lies down in a patch of dirt. 😉 And where are the tabbies in all this? And blue? 😛

    Rescued service dogs…. that’s just awesome.

    • Hi Karyl, yes the “gun” that disrupts speech could really cause some problems. Can you imagine what might happen if it was used at some sort of important negotiations? Woooo.

      D-limonene (full strength) can be toxic to cats, not so much dogs. Anything full strength can be a problem on cats, though, they’re very sensitive.

      • Yeah I just keep thinking of somebody, say, sneaking one into a presidential debate to make the opposing candidate look bad or something. Not that I’m as likely to pay attention to fluidity of speech as a sole marker of someone’s abilities anyway, but some people are I guess. I’d be a mess if somebody used one of those on me. I stutter a bit to begin with. LOL

        Why did I think the citrus thing applied to dogs, too? Though looking it up again, I guess it can make them sick, just not as bad as it does cats. I’m fussy, though, don’t like taking chances.

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