Monday Mentions: Thrillerfest Debuts, Videos & Pet-astic Links!

2013 Debut Authors by Alan Jacobson

Here’s the Thrillerfest Debut Authors after the breakfast–Image copr. Alan Jacobson

I’m head-down in the midst of writer-icity, working on the sequel to my thriller, HIDE AND SEEK so this will be a brief check in. I’ll catch y’all on Facebook and Twitter throughout this week but plan to be scarce everywhere but inside my head, LOL!

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. Check out the awesome videos from Thrillerfest at the bottom, too. For new followers to the blog, welcome! and you can expect more cat and dog specific schtuff later in the week on Wednesday and Friday.


Thriller Awards! Here are the winners

More Thriller-icity from August McLaughlin

Exploitation via Penguin Random House Merger a well researched blog by the savvy David Gaughran

Tips from Bob Mayer for Authors

Rowling Undercover so what do you think? Was pub’ing as an “unknown” her idea (“it was liberating!”) or a nifty marketing ploy?

 Sleuthfest 2014 Feb 27-Mar 4

How To Get Reviewed DO and DON’T tips from a reviewer

10 Tips for Great Critique Partnerships from the always awesome Jenny Hansen

Building Mail Lists One Reader At A Time


Morris Animal Foundation Cat Heart Disease Study

Bear Cam! Live video feed of bears and salmon fishing and here’s one of Mom-Bear protecting 3 cute cubs!

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8 thoughts on “Monday Mentions: Thrillerfest Debuts, Videos & Pet-astic Links!

  1. As always, fantastic list! I’m still not sure about the Rowling/Galbraith craziness. Either way, she’s selling like mad now, but I can certainly understand if she wanted to write without all the crazy hype like she had with A Casual Vacancy.

    • Thanks Jenny. Wrote another chapter today, WOOT! On a roll…this one set up the ticking clock (but readers won’t know that for a while). Dang, this is fun. Well…it’s first draft crap, but it’s a start, and with characters I love.

  2. Glad you’re on a hot streak right now with your writing – keep it up. My ask Amy question for this week is: what can you put on a cats’ paw if it seems very dry?

    • It’s been a good week for fictioning, indeed! As for the paw issue, see about applying vitamin E, squeeze the oil from the capsule onto the pad. Won’t hurt the cat if it’s licked off. That said…if your kitty has problem paws, that can be a sign of a health issue so you’d do best to get a vet check. Change in diet might help. I’ll do an Ask Amy series and include this, thanks!

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