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Monday Mentions: Thrillerfest & Bunny Slippers with Teeth

by | Jul 15, 2013 | Cat Behavior & Care, Dog Training & Care, Writing Advice & More | 6 comments

Tfest 054I’m just home from Thrillerfest. What an amazing experience! This wasn’t my first attendance but was special and a stand-out in so many ways. That’s me at the Debut Author table on Saturday morning with 26 others in our class who were able to attend the July 13 breakfast. There were 60 in the whole class this year–wow! Here’s a Library Journal article.

Each of us had 60-seconds to say anything we wanted. Many talked briefly about themselves, their book, and their journey to reach that wonderful goal, and I was so honored to be among these talented writers, and inspired by their dedication and effort. And yes, a little teary that I’d managed to climb that thrilling mountain, too. Six years ago, I sat in the audience and felt lost…and truly didn’t believe I’d ever have that opportunity. But I went home, put on my bunny slippers and wrote the thriller I’d always wanted to read. LOST AND FOUND was born at Thrillerfest and because of ITW, today my bunny slippers have TEETH and I write Thrillers With Bite!

Tfest 056And yes, I wore my bunny slippers with pointy teeth to the breakfast–you’ll notice the ears also have bling. Enjoy a few of the pictures from the weekend (below) and then you can click on the Thrillerfest 2013 Set for more pictures. Be sure to scroll down to catch the short video from the banquet–I will have some more fun video from the weekend soon, too!

Tfest 003

My roomies–Carol Shenold and Paula Lanier. Thursday evening dinner outside at a terrific restaurant owned by Paula’s friend David.

Tfest 001

The always classy Steve Berry graciously allows a photo op.

Tfest 040

Lee Child at the Friday evening “Fan Fest” (one of my many fan-girl moments!)

Tfest 039

Again at the FanFest event, that’s me with the gorgeous thriller gals–August McLaughlin, Carol Shenold, Paula Lanier

Tfest 041

More famous authors! August, Doug Lyle, Carol, moi and the gorgeous Twist Phelan. (Can you tell Doug is in heaven?)

Tfest 033

We were guests at FanFest courtesy of the WONDERFUL Diane Capri (far right). We even color coordinated…great minds. *s*

Tfest 046

Me with the WANA-Mama Kristen Lamb!

Tfest2 004

Paula, John Land and me…our “annual photo shoot.”

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. Check out the Simon’s Cats pet-astic videos at the bottom, too. For new followers to the blog, welcome! and you can expect more cat and dog specific schtuff later in the week on Wednesday and Friday.


 Russian Ebook Market Growing

B&N CEO Resigns

Ways to Boost Books After Awards Wins

Reading/Writing Boosts Cognition well…duh!

5 Book Marketing MYTHS

Marketing Maze–A Guide Through the Jungle?

 Kristin Nador’s Blog with some important videos for keeping your writing hands healthy

outsmarting catsPET-CENTRIC SCHTUFF

Outsmarting Cats by my colleague and terrific writer/artist Wendy Christensen, is an update of her 2004 terrific Outwitting Cats. You won’t want to miss her terrific illustrations (and great info!).

Doggy Anxiety Tips

Iran Bans Dogs in Public Places

Planet Dog Foundation Gives $1 Million! I love this company, they donate a portion of every sale to service dog organizations…and they make GREAT products! (Magical-Dawg luvs their schtuff)

Dr. Sophia Yin’s Guide to Low-Stress Handling hey y’all, it’s FREE for a limited time!

TV Channel for Dogs


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  1. Patricia Hubbard

    Well welcome back home! I could tell you were having the time of your life. I can certainly understand why you would get a little teary-eyed. Your own personal journey has been nothing short of amazing and spectacular. I so enjoyed all the pics, links and videos. It’s nice to associate a name with a pic. Oh, I love those slippers!

    • Amy Shojai

      Thanks so much! The slippers were a big hit. *s*

  2. August McLaughlin

    I absolutely loved seeing you at ThrillerFest, Amy. Congrats on your beautiful debut! That photo of you with Lee Child is STUNNING.

    Lots of love! I can’t wait to see you again – hopefully – soon!

    • Amy Shojai

      Hey there sweetie, awesome to see you too! And yes, we have to make a point to get together more often. *s* I want to hear you play/sing again.

  3. Jodie Renner

    It was great to meet you in person at Thrillerfest, Amy! I enjoyed chatting with you, Paula, Pam Stack, Allison Brennan, Doug Lyle, David Morrell, CJ Lyons, Jenny Milchman, and more! Stimulating, informative, and lots of fun!

    • Amy Shojai

      Great to meet you too, Jodie! Hey, post the title/link to your book–many of my readers would be interested, I think. 🙂 Folks, if you’re looking for an editor, Jodie works with a lot of thriller authors.


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