Monday Mentions: THRILLERFEST!

Finally back from my annual whirlwind Thrillerfest conference–this year even more awesome knowing that I’m now an ITW Debut Author in great part because of this wonderful organization. I’ll have some short videos later, too, but wanted to post the pictures (they’re out of order, sorry!) as soon as possible.

Please also scroll down for the usual Monday Mentions link luv about publishing, writing, pets and more. Stay tuned for some quick excerpts from some of the panels and interviews. And don’t forget, the NAME THAT DOG and NAME THAT CAT polls will be posted this week for you to choose some of the pet characters in my book!

Panel: How Do You Create Spellbinding Series Characters?

The book signing–wow, next to the awesome Wendy Corsi Staub.

Yes, I came–I saw–I BLINGED!

David Morrell, co-founder of International Thriller Writers. You may know him as the author of Rambo. *s*

Doug Lyle, Craftfest Director and VP of National Events (with LOTS of great thrillers and nonfiction forensic books), with Paula and my friend Teresa Chandler.

Jon Land, one of the ITW vice presidents…and best seller, too. There’s a lot of great authors at this conference…just saying.


Saturday night July 14 the International Thriller Writers (ITW) announced the winners of the 2012 Thriller Awards.

Best Hard Cover Novel:
11/23/63, Stephen King (Scribner)

Best Paperback Original Novel:
THE LAST MINUTE, Jeff Abbott (Sphere/Little, Brown UK)

Best First Novel:
SPIRAL, Paul McEuen (The Dial Press)

Best Short Story:
HALF-LIVES, Tim L. Williams (Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine)

ITW has also announced the addition of two new Thriller Awards next year–Young Adult, and Original Ebook.


6 Reasons to Celebrate “BAD” Reviews

HarperCollins Buys Thomas Nelson

Smashwords Publishes 138,070+ Books

Ebook Pirates–Open Fire or Ignore?

Publishing Jobs from Disney, Hachette Book Group, Little Brown, etc.


Sasquatch Lives?! from Doug Lyle’s awesome blog

Pet Supply Catalogue–shopping that helps pets! Check it out!

Cat Myths from Sally Bahner’s awesome blog

BLOGPAWS Gives Back donates $12,120 to several worthy animal causes, kudos!

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16 thoughts on “Monday Mentions: THRILLERFEST!

  1. Whoa… that sasquatch article was kinda neat. I mean, I’ve always been fascinated by the whole cryptozoology thing, especially since a lot of legends like that are based on some real animal, but Bigfoot was one of the last ones I expected to be real. At first reading the article I was thinking “yeah right, they’re gorilla tracks or something, escaped from a local zoo probably.” But then I remembered gorilla feet aren’t shaped like that. They look more like hands. And with the current technology versus what they’re describing, I don’t think even the best animatronics I know of could pull that off (and if somebody could afford to buy, or had the skill to make, something that awesome, why the heck would they need to fake bigfoot to claim fame?) – I read the original article the one you linked was going off of too. It had more detail on what they found.

    I’m interested to see how this one pans out. It wouldn’t be the first time science has discovered something strange and “new” that’s been hiding under our noses all this time, but it might just be the biggest…

    Part of me, of course, is still skeptical… at least until they find out more, or at the very least more folks see the prints and come to the same conclusions. But a big part of me just thinks it’s really cool.

  2. Check you out! What a great rundown on Thrillerfest. So jealous you got to give Jon Land a hug. He’s such a sweet man. Thanks so much, Amy. Can’t wait to go next year and hang out with you there.

    • Thanks everyone! I’m finally in CO and getting caught up with everything. Thrillerfest truly is THE event to attend for thriller writers, readers, and really the sessions apply to writers of all genres. And the people are so approachable and friendly and encouraging.

  3. Oh yee “Number One Bitch-O-Blingage”! Hi Amy, it was so much fun meeting you at Tfest and comparing WANA and bling notes with you. I loved the sequined dress and I look forward to seeing you up on that stage next year for the Debut Authors Breakfast…. even if it means dragging my sorry butt out of bed at zero-dark-thirty in the morning. Congratulations!

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