Monday Mentions: Conferences, Cat Games & Doggie Boo-Boos

Amy at 2010 CWA Book signing--with a little "bling!"

Amy at 2010 CWA Book signing–with a little “bling!”

We’re gearing up for the 19th Annual Cat Writers’ Association Conference in Dallas. That’s me (above) at a past CWA conference book signing–yep, there’ll be one again this year, right in time for holiday shopping. For those who write about pets…or write about anything (or want to find out more!) this is the conference for you. See details, below.

And if you’re unable to travel for whatever reason, you can now attend a VIRTUAL conference hosted by WANA INTERNATIONAL (see below). I’m speaking at both events, but even if I wasn’t, I’d want to attend. You can’t beat the price!

Magic has very specific New Year's goals.

Magical-Dawg is a sensitive guy!

For those who read last Friday’s post about Seren-kitty’s snozzle-attacks, you know it’s been a challenging week for the fur-kids. I mentioned what happened with Magic–and promised an explanation. Each morning, my husband takes Magic for a ramble around the property (13+ acres) and then we all gather in the kitchen for breakfast together. The dog usually has a good appetite, although he often wants a taste of our breakfast, too. Last Wednesday, after an uneventful morning run-and-sniff-a-thon (per usual), he had no interest in food and in fact started looking poorly. He couldn’t get comfy, he stood up shivering, and held his left foreleg off the ground, limping and barely keeping his balance.

After checking the leg and paw for injuries, thorns, burrs et al, I couldn’t find anything–but Magic did seem to flinch when I touched his shoulder. We thought perhaps he’d strained himself (he’s now 7 years old!) but seemed in such discomfort he needed some pain relief. So I quick-like-a-bunny pulled out my pet first aid book to look up the proper dose and gave Magic some buffered aspirin. Within about 20 minutes he acted like he felt much more comfortable and settled on the floor. After I worked for an hour or so, and stopped o check on Magic about 9:00 a.m.,  while he seemed more comfortable, he still limped and his left front paw had swollen to double in size. Yikes! So I called for a vet visit, and scheduled a 2:30 appointment.

I had a TV appearance at noon, and when I got back Magic met me at the door with full weight on all his paws, and the affected paw swelling had gone down, yay! But we still kept the appointment. The verdict–probably an allergic reaction to a bug bite or sting. (head-desk) He’s had this happen three times before, but the signs on those occasions were face swelling and/or hives (have you ever seen a checkerboard dog?). The vet recommended Benadryl, which I already had on hand because of the aforementioned cases. We kept Magical-Dawg quiet (tried to, anyway) the rest of the day and the Benadryl helps with that because of the handy side-effect of making pets drowsy. The next morning, his “ramble” was on leash…but he appeared fully recovered.

The other part of the story–Magic had a GREAT TIME at the vet! He got to face-wash the veterinarian, got treats from the staff, pets from other clients in the waiting room, AND he got to sniff the clinic’s cat. Hmnnn…maybe he got stung on purpose.

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WANA-ConWANAcon Oct. 3-5, a “virtual” online conference with best selling authors and experts you can attend in your pajamas…and yes, I’ll be presenting a how-to NONFICTION BOOK PROPOSALS. $119 if purchased before September 15, then $150!

Cat Writers’ Association 19th Annual Conference, Dallas, TX–Oct. 31-Nov. 2 I’ll be presenting E-BOOKS FOR WRITERS and also (with colleagues) song samples from STRAYS, THE MUSICAL. Want to offer your pro-services? Attend the SPEED-DATING EVENT! Here’s a promo video for the conference.

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Facebook Penalizes “Low Quality”  really???

Beware Balboa!!!



A 112-pound Bernese mountain dog recently visited the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital because of a breathing problem. The veterinarians ultimately had to use horse equipment to save the dog. CLICK THE IMAGE for he full story! Image Courtesy of UC Davis.


Knittin’ Kittens iPhone Game…CLICK HERE for the Kickstarter project to bring this game to life, looks like great fun! Image Copr Knittin’ Kittens aka by John Sutherland

 Kittens Shut Down Subway

2012 Thrillerfest Panel

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  1. Oh, all the while I read about Magic I wanted to yell at my computer, “bee sting, bee sting!” But I didn’t, really. Thank goodness he’s okay. And thank goodness for our veterinarians. It is nearly impossible to diagnose our own pets. We’re just too close to see what’s really happening.

    I’m waiting right now for my vet to call about Sky and Lady’s blood results. I’ve got them in my hands and can see what I think is wrong but I want her interpretation to be sure. I miss things all the time. 🙂

    • If he’d presented with the swollen paw FIRST, I might have thought that, too–but the shoulder pain fooled me. Doh…even though he’s had other “sting” events in the past. *s*

      Paws crossed your blood results are GOOD ones.

  2. So glad Magic is back to himself. Thank goodness it wasn’t something catastrophic. It’s amazing sometimes how fast our animals can become sick and in turn how fast they can become better. Enjoyed the story about the Bernese. I’m so glad the outcome was positive.

    • Thank you Patricia. Yes, it happens so quickly. And ya know, if I worked at a “real job” outside the home, I might never have noticed at all. Probably would have been on the road before he started showing signs of distress, and by the time I got home most would have been gone.

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