Monday Mentions: Savior Rats, Magic Words & Psycho-Paths to Success


Check out the RAT SAVIORS (not this one…he’s a baby). But ginormous cat-size clicker trained diagnosing sniffer rats!

It’s been quite a week–last week, not this one. Major accomplishments include getting the weed wacker wunning…I mean RUNNING, buying a new laptop, and logging about 15 hours on the desk treadmill. More time than that was spent writing, of course, but I’ve got more energy and feeling good about the exercise.

No, the laptop didn’t catch a virus. I just needed a new one with expanded capabilities. In fact, the last time I got a new computer I invested in Webroot software because it came with the Geek Squad service and the subscription is still good for 3+ more years. What kind of protection do you run on your computers? Before I had Norton but when I tried to update, the “old” version protected the computer from the “new” version (very odd). I’ve been very happy with the Webroot and one time had to call customer support  and they had a REAL LIVE PERSON to talk to. Imagine that?! Yep, they just approved me as an affiliate too, so sharing one of the latest deals (above).

This past weekend was my Nonfiction Book Proposal Webinar, but that will be the last for a while. I’ve postponed “Niche Writing” Webinars originally scheduled for August until later in the year, so I can continue to concentrate on the fiction. Time continues to be my biggest challenge, what about you? Next month I get to travel a bit, first to Thrillerfest in New York and then to a writers retreat in Colorado, and so try to get the must-do-list done ahead of time!
Happy Holidays! Download a FREE audiobook today!

Many of y’all know that I have several of my own books now available on through the publishing program. It’s AWESOME! That’s one reason the new laptop is needed–it houses my audio recording software. The next ComPETability-Dogs book was delayed in production but you can get any book FREE in a membership trial…maybe even one of mine (hint-hint *s*). I just finished reading the 3rd book in Simon Toyne’s thriller trilogy. The first book SANCTUS was terrific, the next THE KEY was just so-so but the last one THE TOWER resolved the story in a magnificent way. Highly recommended.

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. Check out the SQUEEE! cute pet-astic video at the bottom, too. Betcha all you dog owners can relate to that MAGIC WORD. For new followers to the blog, welcome! and you can expect more cat and dog specific schtuff later in the week on Wednesday and Friday.


RIP Bestselling Thriller Author Vince Flynn  He self-pub’d his first thriller after receiving 60 rejections…and it became a huge seller. Gone too soon…

Thrilling Openings for Thriller Writers words from master editor Jodie Renner

Stats & Info on Publishing Changes a long but very interesting post from The Business Rusch, basically traditionally pub’d authors in for some continued stress…better news for indies. What do YOU think?

Correct all grammar errors with GrammarlyFree & Quick Proofreading by Grammarly! I was contacted by GRAMMARLY recently and gifted with a 2-week trial premium account so I’ll let you know how I like it in a future blog. Since I have a tendency to make up words (hey, I’m a writer, I can DO THAT!) it may blow up on me, LOL! Meanwhile you can check it out at the links provided.

Psycho-Path to Success? something for writers to consider (I mean, in terms of characters!)

 New Trends in Pricing (Free Ain’t Selling So Good…)

Hugh Howie–What Self-Pub’d Authors Need now THIS is an insightful idea (who will run with it???)

ALLi Calls on Trade to Open Up to Indies

Google Identifier you want to read this, from Gene Lempp (thanks Gene!)

Google Feedburner Alternatives a how-to series for MailChimp users, thanks to great writer Catie Rhodes

GoodReads  How-To lots of great info in this slideshare presentation

Bookstore Firm Follett Launches $50 Million Fund The Knowledge Fund will enable us to identify and invest in early-stage technologies that will make educational materials more accessible and affordable to students and educators alike

Story Turning Points this is a great post from Jenny Hansen

How to Use Public Domain Images for Book Covers

6 Steps to Self Publish a nice breakdown with some $$ figures (no, self pub’ing the RIGHT way ain’t free!)


Giant Rats Save Lives! In Tanzania, giant pouched rats clicker trained to sniff out land mines…and diagnose tuberculosis! Awesome story (and video)

the POWER of TWO a new weight loss program with your dog–from Jenny Craig and Purina. Looks like PAW-some fun!

500 Goldens Lifetime Study from Morris Animal Foundation. 2500 more needed —  If you have a qualifying Golden Retrievers, the two of you can join this groundbreaking effort to improve the health of dogs.  Veterinarians can also register through the website.

If I Should Die Before My Dog... this is a great resource for all dog owners, a self published book I recently got to review.

Clicker Training DVD a terrific overview by the awesome trainer Dr. Deborah Jones (maybe you can use it to train your own RATS, too!)

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  1. Amy, you’re doing such a great job revamping and monetizing your blog! (I get all happy for you every time I come here.)

    Thanks for including my turning points post. I’m glad it has been helpfult to so many people. Lord knows, Jenny Crusie lit me on fire with it all. 🙂

    • Awwww….that’s high praise! Thanks so much. I giggle now every time I hear somebody say “undies.” *snert*

      There have been a couple of your posts in the past couple weeks that I saved for my “fiction-icity” file. Making sloooooow progress on that front. 🙂

  2. Don’t have much mental non-exhaustedness tonight to comment on most of it, but OMG that video is cute. (Anubis has severak magic words: chicken, zucchini, and biscuits being the top 3)

  3. Amy, I’m so glad that you got a new laptop. Hopefully you will be set for a long time with all your expanded capabilities. Lots of great links this week and the video was adorable. For us that have had animals very long, yes they do have MAGIC words. Mine would be WANT A BITE, MILK, CHICKEN, WHIPPED CREAM, etc. Are these babies spoiled or what?

    Amy, a question for you. I live 9 blocks from downtown and yesterday a friend of mine was over and was in the kitchen and by chance was looking out the window and sitting on the corner of my garage was one of those extremely large nasty buzzards that you see in the middle of the road eating roadkill. About that time another one landed on the garage beside the other, which I assume were mates. My 2 outside cats were laying in the driveway just feet from those buzzards. My friend grabbed the broom and hurriedly went outside, hollered, banged the broom on the house and garage until those buzzards decided to leave. Of course, all the commotion scared the outside cats with tails all blowed up. I believe they might of saw my cats and were gonna swoop down, get them and take them off and kill them. Being in a wheelchair, this story might of had a different outcome if my friend had not been here. I have NEVER seen that here in town. I wonder if the heat, dryness, etc. has anything to do with it? Any suggestions if I can buy anything and place outside to scare them from coming back? As always THANK YOU.

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