Monday Mentions: Purina, Better With Pets & Writer-icty


Sandra Lyn, Purina behaviorist, speaks about the true nature of cats.

Last week I was invited to attend the Purina Better With Pets summit–and had a blast! There were 16 speakers, each presenting on stage in front of a huge screen (think TED for pet lovers). Not only was the event hugely entertaining, it was inspiring to hear how many of these movers-and-shakers of the pet world came to be involved in championing animals. I’ve also blogged about it at and will in the coming weeks expand my notes and future interviews into full length articles. Here’s just a taste…Purina promises that the full videos will be available for everyone to view soon!


Brian Hare of Dognition talks about canine cognitive abilities–and how this chimp solved the peanut problem!


Beth Stern fosters kittens–and husband Howard names them.


Joseph Wakshlag discusses the connection between rehab and nutrition.


Marty Becker shares secrets of how “the bond” works–and is upstaged by his canine partner.


Robin Downing, veterinary pain expert, explains that age is NOT a disease…and there’s no excuse for letting pets hurt.


Judy Finnegan offers an uplifting talk how Puppies For Parole saves dog lives–and the dogs also rehab the prisoners (win-win!).


Canine architecture…some wins, and some very bad losers! Stay tuned!


Everybody’s favorite YouTube cartoon, Simon’s Cat drawn live by Simon Tofield.

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. Check out lots of fun videos below, including the THRILLERFEST video at the bottom, too.  For new followers to the blog, welcome! and you can expect more cat and dog specific schtuff later in the week on Wednesday and Friday.


 Audio Book Sales Double  And, if’n you’re interested, there are audio versions of my Complete Kitten Care, ComPETablity-Cats, ComPETability-Dogs and the dog-viewpoint thriller Lost And Found. And yes, sales are quite good!

Writers Digest Annual Survey–Let Your Voice be Heard!

How To Sell More Books at Christmas and yes, it’s got my tips for “bundling” books. I’m offering a three-book-deal for cat lovers and a four-book-deal for pet lovers.


Three Ebooks for $9.99


Four Ebooks for $9.99


 Tidy Cats Paw-tographed Cat Collars Auction a charity auction benefiting the spcaLA and featuring 32 celebrity-signed kitty collars including from Denis Quaid and Matt LeBlanc, check it out! For the pet lover (and cat) that has everything.

RECALL! True Raw Choice Treats (Canada) due to Salmonella contamination

Manhattan Rat Hunters Extraordinaire where city dogs get to chase and kill rats, wow.

New “Barn Hunt Association” for all sizes of dogs…testing rat/vermin finding ability. (Note: no rats are harmed, they’re confined in aerated PVC pipe containers). What do you think?

Speaking of singing…Yes, I’m a proud member of ASCAP, and register all my music there. Great video!

2011 Thrillerfest Interview with RL Stine

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  1. Interesting on the dogs and rat hunting. Not sure how I feel about it – on the one hand, rats are a nuisance but on the other – it just feels a little distasteful. My dogs are terriers (yorkies) and love the chase. I know they get bored, even though I do walk them daily. I like the idea of their minds being engaged which is what the rat hunting accomplishes. I think the one where the rats are in the tubes is better.

    • Sue, I have the same reservations. As a “sport” it feels bloodthirsty (even if more “natural”) for the dogs to be allowed a kill. Of course, growing up we kids had mice and hamsters as pets, and a rat at school, too, so it’s hard to equate those “pet” rats with the “vermin” of the street that our dogs were actually bred to help control. The rats in tubes would be my preference, too. Right up until the rats organized a ratty army to take over the world, I suppose…

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