Monday Mentions: PUBSlush, Dolphin Tale & Birdbrain Video


Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo links and blogs and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. Get a load of that GORGEOUS dog in the photo! Today we’re celebrating lots of doggy AND kitty content, plus some interesting writer tips and links. As a treat, there’s even a clever parrot video, enjoy!

Please don’t be shy about sending me your own links or suggestions for others to highlight. I love doing a SNOOPY-DANCE-’O-JOY! in celebration of all the savvy writers and animal advocates doing the work of the angels–and to a few angels as well.


Copyright Violation Protection information in this detailed article about what to do and how to do it. An additional tip that can help is to BLOG about your article as soon as it’s posted and include a link to that article. Apparently Google registers blogs quicker than articles so this can help the author get “first dibs” on the content you create.

PUBSlush PRESS is an interesting alternative pub opportunity but there are still questions–as the fine folks at Writer Beware point out.


JACQUIE LAWSON Animated E-cards are simply a treat to view and to send. They often feature animals (especially dogs and cats) and are appropriate for any age or occasion from funny, celebratory or poignant. You can subscribe for a nominal fee. Here’s one of the newest–featuring Fluff the kitten.

The Hero Dog Awards Celebrity Auction is live! The auction will run from September 19, 2011 to October 7, 2011, with proceeds supporting American Humane Association’s mission to create a more humane and compassionate world by ending abuse and neglect of children and animals.

Cat Therapy Helps Jail Birds from Blogger Jo Singer.

NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED Review Blog from American Humane (check out Winter the dolphin’s story here!)

Shakespeare’s Cats, a whimsical blog-look at the Bard’s roles played by felines. If you liked that, you’ll also enjoy the pictures of Yoga Kittens as well as Yoga Puppies, aroooooooo!

Snakes Are Snacking and wreaking havok on dogs and cats–know the signs and get them help! Great info from Raya-the-Vet’s blog.

Adoption Pictures MATTER!  Improved pet photos increase adoptions–a Texas photographer shows you how, very kewl!

Partnership Launches Cat Health Initiative, with some movers-and-shakers in the world of vet medicine research.

Musings of Natasha Finkel, the Fashionista Felina–fun blog your cats will want to read.

CAT HERO–DIABETIC ALERT FELINE, you’ve heard about the dogs–well kitties care, too. Lovely touching story from blogger Angela Wallace.

Houses Designed for Cats! Warning…don’t let YOUR pets get a look.

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Monday Mentions: PUBSlush, Dolphin Tale & Birdbrain Video — 12 Comments

  1. I totally want to get better pics, and video, once I get a GOOD camera and time to volunteer again. Kinda tie it into my little self-assigned video project to record myself interacting with dogs to see what I do with them that makes them react so differently to me, since I want to drag the camera there anyway.

    I’ve seen another African Gray parrot who was famous for that sort of intelligence. My college linguistics classes loved to show documentaries of him. African Grays are supposed to be the smartest parrots. …though Einstein’s “frustrated” sound reminds me a bit of Angry Birds. LOL

  2. Amy, thank you for mentioning my blog, Musings of Natasha Finkel! It’s not just for cats though, it’s definitely for fashionistas as well as those Masters and Mistresses who love comedy and are looking for expert beauty/fashion/lifestyle advice from me, a budding supermodel in the pussycat world!

  3. Amy!
    Thanks for mentioning my blog, “Cat Therapy and Jail Birds”. Since felines are incredible healers, I couldn’t resist writing about this amazing story.

    I just ran across it this afternoon and appreciate the kudo!

    Love your blog! Jo

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