Monday Mentions: Publishing Scam, Puppy Glam & Dancing Jam


Meet “Echo” and read about the Belgian Tervuren in this article (click the picture). Image Copr. Teoti Anderson)

I’m hacked off. With the new year come new ways to lure in unsuspecting writers to scams that serve only to line the pocketbooks and fleece the authors. I’ve written about some of these before, but it’s good to have a reminder. Heck, in my early years I got “taken” by some of these folks, too, so don’t feel bad if you got tempted by the promises and paid–just learn and avoid snakes in the future.

Which snakes? There are many. IPR License is one of the newest, and wants authors (and also editors and agents) to join for a fee. Authors upload their books and available licensing, and editors/agents get to “shop” for properties they want to publish, represent, produce in films. IPR License is for “showcasing your work to over 50,000 publishers and agents in over 90 countries.” For authors, the “initial annual membership is  £99 (+VAT) and for others, there are “price bands” as follows:

Under (£) 500K turnover        £249
(£) 500K – 1M  £599
(£) 1-5M   £999
(£) 5-10M   £1,499
(£) 10M+ £1,999





Why would publishers list with this service? Honestly, I’m not sure–for those fees? Author members get listed on the website. But wait, there’s MORE! They also produce a newsletter (for subscribers) and a catalogue that goes to the major national book fairs, yada yada yada. Sorry, if you attend BEA as a publisher, will you spend time paging through their publication to find your next breakout book author? Oh, and I’m NOT a member–yet half a dozen of my books are listed. For me, this is a “I don’t get it” moment, and when that happens, it’s a major pass.

The most recent in my in-box come from GLOBAL TALK RADIO, and I get these offers several times a year. It purports to produce 5- and 10-minute professional interviews for their “top rated IN THE NEWS” program. They list all kinds of added perks for “this week only” and shout about a reduced rate for these offers, and there are “only 5 spots left!” Here’s the offer, taken from the website:

50% DISCOUNT — FIRST 5 APPLICATIONS ONLY!! — Interviews are available on a first-come, first-served basis at a low, fixed price!  5-Minute interviews are $97 (regularly $200) and 10-minute interviews are only $147 (regularly $300).  This special package price includes:  a professional interviewer, studio engineering, web hosting and streaming of the archive, a downloadable MP3 copy of your interview, and a FREE thumbnail ad (your picture or graphic) promoting your interview on our home page!  OFFER ENDS FRIDAY, JANUARY 10th!

Oh darn, the offer has ended. Woe is me. What’s wrong with this offer? YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF FOR FREE! They have NO added marketing push that is helpful to an author/business person–yes, it stays online forever, but so what? Who sees it? Is GLOBAL TALK RADIO your go-to source for learning about the latest book, business, etc? And if you do want radio (aka Internet Podcasts) you can find many more online with a targeted listenership for your topic, they often give ALL these perks as well…and they don’t charge you a dime! Most are hungry for great guests. My own Pet Peeves radio podcast is still online with 80+ shows archived, and today the network hosts 60 animal topic shows (and no guest is charged). That’s just one example.

Deeeeeeeeeeeep breath. I need a puppy-licious fix! Click that picture up above to read one of my newest short articles on my Breeds At A Glance series. I’ve also got new ones on the Malinois, Basset Hound, Beagle and more (all with cute pix!).

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. Check out that DANCING VIDEO at the bottom, just for fun. For new followers to the blog, welcome! and you can expect more cat and dog specific schtuff later in the week on Wednesday and Friday. For now…enjoy the YouTube cute-icity at the end!


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