Monday Mentions: Pets, Writing & Hero Dogs


Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the TASTY neato-torpedo links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. Some of this “schtuff” can be hard to categorize and may fit more than one topic so I urge you to at least scan them all.


Register for Thrillerfest and Craftfest–some of the confirmed instructors include Steve Berry, Grant Blackwood, Allison Brennan, Jan Burke, Lee Child, Catherine Coulter, Bob Dugoni, Lisa Gardner, Heather Graham, Andrew Gross, David Hewson, Peter James, Steven James, Joan Johnston, Gayle Lynds, Donald Maass, Phillip Margolin, David Morrell, Michael Palmer, Ann Rule, and they’ll also be featuring martials arts expert and Marine, Jack Hoban, who will be conducting an in-depth workshop on Fighting: Ethics, Tactics, and Techniques for Writers.

Marijuana Mystery Someone mailed more than eleven pounds of marijuana to Macmillan’s St. Martin’s Press offices. The Smoking Gun broke the story today. Bound for an apparently fictitious employee named Karen Wright, the shipments had a potential street value of $70,000. Does that mean our books are going up in smoke? (ahem)

Taking the Mystery Out of Mystery Writing by Dennis Palumbo, a very interesting post.

How to Market Books to Libraries from Publishers Weekly

Jane Friedman on Writing (all kinds of good schtuff)

Chicken Soup for the Soul call-out for writers

Tips for Amazon Categorizing

Who Is In the Middle? from Bob Mayer. Writers create, readers consume, where does that leave the rest?

Neat Post on Lemmings, Words & Pithy Sayings A side note: recently my co-writer and I discovered nobody knew what we meant by “blowing smoke.” Sheesh.

How to Pitch YA to This Agent

Digital Bookworld Article Inventing the future of publishing, terrific article!

Can You Self-Pub Your Way to a REALLY BIG DEAL?

Publishing Resources–Contracts, Terms & More  from the ever-awesome Writer Beware. You’ll want to bookmark this one!

Protection Re: Pinterest which now may be slightly outdated since they just REVISED their terms.

Poisoned Pen Press’s new Discover Mystery Contest for unpublished writers will accept entries until April 30. This competition is similar to the Malice Domestic/St. Martin’s contest and the MWA/St. Martin’s contest for first mysteries. The prize is publication by Poisoned Pen and a $1,000 advance.

Crime Book of the Year 2012 contest from Bloody Scotland, you could win £ 3.000 and window displays across the country

Are You A Work-Aholic? Guilty…but this article says working more than a 40-hour week is likely counter-productive. Hmnnn.

Wanna Write About Pets? New “American Pet Magazine” may be your opportunity


Nominate A Hero Dog! for some nifty funds for charity, courtesy of American Humane Association (check out the video, below)

Leggings For Life helping disabled cats get a paw-ahead. This is awesome! from terrific artist/writer Bernadette Kazmarski

Dogged Politics–speaking for politician’s pets

Famous Paintings IMPROVED by Cats, thanks to Naomi Bulger for sharing.

Judge Not, a moving and oh-so-MUST-BE-READ post on losing and finding that special pet from terrific pet writer Phyllis DeGioia

Spring Advertizing IMPROVED by Cats, thanks to Charlotte Reed

Facebook Rejects Puppymill Ads

Cats Need Help–priest cutting off the kitty food, can you believe it?!

On Desire, Work & Success a great post from dog mystery author Sheila Webster Boneham

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9 thoughts on “Monday Mentions: Pets, Writing & Hero Dogs

    • Hi Patricia, I hear you about the time to write. I shut off email today and just now coming up for air…4 new puppy articles, one more to go and then blogging about ’em. Whew!

  1. Amy, thanks for linking to Leggings for Life. It’s amazing how many people out there are willing to crochet leggings for cats and dogs who need them! And how many people have rescued cats and dogs with twisted or paralyzed hind limbs.

  2. Hey Amy.
    Love your mix of articles.
    The one about priests trying to starve the feral cats really distressed me. I mean seriously, aren’t they meant to spread the word out about compasssion, love and peace? How is starving an innocent creature an act that scores you brownie points in heaven?

    • Hiya Rayya, That made me feel ill, too. I guess it shows that priests are fallible people, too–and maybe the notoriety of the story will make others think twice and do better. Or so I pray.

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