Monday Mentions: Neuters, Bats & Crazy Writers

Why the musical instruments? Because in another life I’m a musician, singer, composer. And yesterday I had a ball at the first rehearsal for Suessical, The Musical where I’ll be playing cello in the pit for the children’s theater production. It’s brain candy! Of course, the Magical-Dawg is always a critic.

I’ve a quick update on the THRILLERS WITH BITE front for everyone in the N. Texas area. The lovely students at Grayson County College will host a book launch party this Friday, October 26 from noon until 1:00 pm. Please come! I’ll offer some super-insider-neato information about how my debut thriller LOST AND FOUND came to be, read a bit from the book and answer publishing/writing questions for those interested. And hey, if I don’t know the answer I’ll just make schtuff up…that’s what fictioning is all about, after all! 🙂

I’m delighted at the most recent review, which said in part: “Lost and Found is Amy Shojai’s debut novel, but you’d never know it. Packed with stunning imagery, great pacing, intense characters (some lovable  some not), and a story with heart, she’s going to be an author to watch. Her ability to mix lovable pets, caring humans, corporate greed, and a child with autism makes for a thriller like none other.” Read the rest of the review here.

A note/reminder: THANK YOU to those who have posted reviews, and I encourage you to continue that favor–for my books and any other author’s books. That’s truly a great gift you can offer to the writers you enjoy, and helps other readers find the books more easily.

I’m even more delighted to be part of a colleague’s awesome book launch. Michael W. Sherer is a best selling thriller and mystery author and NIGHT BLIND releases TOMORROW! Woot! He’s got a contest with the grand prize of a Kindle Fire plus a boatload of best-selling thriller author books in a give-away basket–they include books by Allison Brennan, Hank Phillippi Ryan, JT Brannan, Traci Hohenstein, Amy Shojai, and Eyre Price. (Yes, you can win a copy of LOST AND FOUND in the bunch, kewl beans!) Of course the LOST AND FOUND give away continues over at Good Reads, too, through November 15.

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. There are LOTS of fun links today. The two featured videos today are all about pet care cuz I know most (if not all) of my readers ADORE their furry muses, too.

Fair warning, guys–the first one may make you cross your legs. 🙂


Do Sniffer Dogs Violate Privacy Rights? interesting Supreme Court cases, and could impact how we write our novels, too.

Creativity Is A “Mental Illness”  and Writers Prone to Schizophrenia, ya know this explains a lot!

Newsweek Drops Print Edition the end of an era

3 Ways to Sell More Amazon Books

Children’s Books Sales Surge

Red Tree Literary Open to YA and MG Submissions

Twitter Hosts Fiction Festival in November

Fill The Shelves Initiative brings books to underfunded school libraries

Essentials Of Creating A Hero from Jodie Renner

Depression–More Than Sad blogger Louise Behiel offers great insights helpful to writers and characterization

E-Originals vs Paperbacks, an interesting discussion from agent Richard Curtis

Adding It Up, Jenny Hansen (techie maven extraordinaire) offers tips on keeping a total of Ebook sales in a snap.


SHELTER ALERT! Grant-Funded Training for Zeuterin, the zinc-injection neuter technique from Ark Charities seeks qualified nonprofits interested in being trained. Deadline is Friday October 26, contact Anne M. Bolzoni, Executive Director  1-877-346-4664 ex.10, Here’s a story that explains more and the video below has more info–neutering without surgery for dogs! Could be a game changer for our animals.

Save The Bats! an initiative from the awesome folks at Morris Animal Foundation

Bobcats & Parasites, boy I could see some basis for a sci-fi or medical thriller

RK Anderson, A Legend in Pet Care, Has Died

Dog Whispering in the 21st Century a long and very detailed (referenced) article trainers will want to read–and dog lovers will find enlightening

Britain Politicians & Cat Fights (not what you think!)

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    • The violin belongs to my husband. And no, he doesn’t play, but he wants to learn so I got him the instrument for our 25th wedding anniversary. That was 7 years ago. It’s beautiful–I can tune it and do a little bit with it, but violin is my brother’s forte.

  1. Children’s book sale surge… have to wonder if that has anything to do with LeVar Burton relaunching Reading Rainbow as a tablet app. He’s been back to pushing literacy quite a bit, and I think the announcement that Reading Rainbow was coming back came toward the end of last year if I recall… that show always did light a fire in people. 🙂

    On depression – I’m glad more people are bringing to light the fact that it’s not just “being really sad” – it goes deeper than that. As far as “no acceptable cause”… that’s kinda… not 100% accurate. You can be diagnosed when you have it based on a situation, it’s just a matter of the degree and length of time, and which kind of depression we’re talking about (because there are a few variants). Of course, that also depends on one’s definition of “acceptable cause”. Also, while SSRI is the most well known, there are SNRI (serotonin/norepinephrin) and NDRI (norepinephrine/dopamine – Wellbutrin being the well known one, and the one I am using – I did NOT tolerate SSRIs at ALL). Depending on the person, they may react HORRIBLY to one that the next person finds to work perfectly for them. The only way to find out which one works for you? Trial and error. So if you’re starting on them, it’s a good idea to tell someone so they can watch you until the adjustment period passes, just in case something goes squirrely. They tried me on Lexapro – we discovered I am a “paranoid stoner”. LOL Eyes dilated to the fullest extent until I looked possessed, and was just freaking out all over the place. Thankfully the second drug we tried was my “magic cure” (not that it cures it all, it’s just meant to bring you to a more manageable level so you can actually have motivation to, yanno, get up in the morning).

    Two of those articles hilight the reasons why I’m annoyed that the “dog whisperer” term is now publicized by someone who uses forceful methods… “whisper” implies gentleness, that you are guiding, not dominating. Looks like Anderson’s definition is much closer to what I think it should be.

    Like the video. Makes me hope even more I can find a good place to study nearby. Also makes me more confident that it WILL give me enough of the medical side of things to have a basic rundown to relate it to behavior. Been kinda “scared” I’d have to go through full vet training for some of it, which I don’t think I’m cut out for. Bit too squeamish for some of the stuff full-blown vets have to do, I think. LOL I’d be terrified of performing surgery, for example. Shaky hands, plus even though it’s helping there’s the mentality that you’re hurting this critter you care about, because there you are making cuts to this still-living thing – and what if you mess up?? EEK! Nope. RVT’s about as far as I want to go on the medical side. LOL

    And a new fun link to share with you, sent to me by the other half:

    • Also, I think I may have figured out my writing books in comments: Didn’t know it was another symptom! LOL (Diagnosis is not yet confirmed, still saving the money to see the lady I’ve touched base with – I know her rates, just need the money now, since she’s the only one I’ve found qualified to diagnose in adults. She’s across the country from me, but she does remote sessions on Skype.)

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