HeroDog2013That’s Elle (pronounced “Ellie”) in the picture and yes–she’s a Pit Bull. She’s also the hero dog of the year! Click the picture to find out about her and the other doggy heroes.

I got NEWS…the next thriller HIDE AND SEEK is done! Well, I’m heavy-duty-head-down in revisions, but I’m very pleased with this book. There’s more dog viewpoint, more cat involvement, more September and her friend Teddy…and some new characters (and villains). Those gnashing their teeth over the first book’s unanswered questions will find out the secrets September must keep.


Oh, and there are a couple of dog and cat characters that need names. Yes, it’s time for NAME THAT CAT and NAME THAT DOG contest! As before, I’d love to include the name YOU choose (and perhaps description, too) in this next book. The winners will have that pet name/description in the book, get an acknowledgement in the book, get an ARC of the book (advance reader’s copy) before  anyone else, AND a paw-tographed print book once it’s released. So what do you have to do? It’s easy…

Post your suggestion in the comments, and whether it’s for a dog or a cat (or both). Tell all your friends. I’ll narrow down the suggestions to the top 5-10 (depending on numbers) and then YOU get to vote on the ones you want. Here’s the furry characters and how they figure in the plot:

DOG CHARACTER is a resident therapy dog in an Alzheimer’s unit.

CAT CHARACTER is a barn kitty, with several half grown kittens, cared for (on the sly) by a nine-year-old girl whose mom won’t let her have cats.

So ready…set…NAME THAT CAT/DOG!

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The Fussy Librarian a new “match making” service (similar to BookBub) for authors and readers launches today! And yep, one of my books is on the schedule. Check it out, sign up, and get your “read” on!

 Robotic Surgery and another blog on the subject could give y’all some fiction-icity ideas!

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Dogs Vs Cats, Which Is Better?   Hoooo boy, here we go again…

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2012 Thrillerfest Panel

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27 thoughts on “Monday Mentions: NAME THAT CAT, NAME THAT DOG!

  1. Dog character: Timmy (I don’t know why, that name just popped into my head when I read your description)

    Cat character: Nile (because everyone is blogging about black cats this month and Nile was one of my family’s cats years ago, a momma barn cat that was very much loved)

  2. Amy: Don’t know if you are aware of this. But your link entitled “Dogs Vs Cats, which is better?” sends you to a link on self publishing vs publishing houses. I found the article interesting, seeing as I am looking to go that route with my new book. But not exactly interchangeable.

  3. Enjoyed the blog this week especially The Fussy Librarian and the Robotic surgery. It’s amazing what medically can now be done for our animals.

    Dog character – Rocky

    Cat character – Hope

  4. Sounds like it’s a female kitty this time so I guess Anubis won’t work. LOL

    I suppose I can toss in Jodie for the dog. She would have made a cool therapy dog. Smart girl.

  5. Cat names: Mooch, Pinkerton, Rocket (he was always zooming around as a kitten), Noogie (my beloved male Balinese), Puckett, Trucker, Angelica, Scooter, Phantom, Shy Anne, Ready Teddy, Alfred Stubby Bum, Boomer, Max da Million, Tiger Lilly

    Dog names: Big Bear, Dolly, Timber, Bridget

    And yes, these were all critters I’ve had over the years!

  6. Yup, even more critters that I’ve had over the years.

    Cats: Randy Dandy, Fleur, Leggins, Moose (my old and cranky Siamese – female), Maui Wowie (one of my Balinese), KeoKoh (Maui’s mom), Su Lee (Maui’s sister), Blu Boo (Maui’s brother), Rainy (named for Rainier beer), Bud (Rainy’s brother – name for Budweiser beer), Harley (because he looked like a little feline biker dude!), Fraidy, J.R. Katz, Kat, Willie (female named because she was found outside a Goodwill store)

    Dogs: Bugtussle (Bugs for short … a Lab with a lot of attitude), Morgan (the sweetest Dobie I’ve ever owned)

  7. Dog Character:

    Dot – white mutt with black eye (hence the name Dot) who just happens to be the absolute smartest dog in the world. She slides into every room very much like the Kramer character on Seinfeld.

    Trixie – a very dark red golden retriever diva dog. Her goal in life is to have everyone pet her and tell her she’s pretty. She’s also known as the neighborhood thief because she goes around retrieving things from the neighbors which we then have to throw back into their yards the next morning. (Perfect for a therapy dog who could tote things from one room to another in the Alzheimer’s unit if you need moments of comic relief)

    Copper – smooth coated Collie who loves to lay right up against people and make their aches and pains feel better with his body warmth. One would assume his name is from his coppery color but it’s really because he was “like a bad penny”. LOL! Every time we thought we had found a home for him he kept turning back up at our house.

    Shots – no, not a great dog name but I couldn’t leave him out. Black lab service dog with a silly, goober personality who makes us laugh every day. Named after, well – insulin shots.

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