Monday Mentions: Maggots, Plague & Good Times!

I’ve been deep into discussions about the making of LOST AND FOUND for the past couple of weeks on the DogRead list (today is the last day–but you can read the archives if you wish *s*). It seems that I’m gaining some furry fans as a result and I’m delighted that the critters have given the book their paws-up of approval. I’m also discussing fun ways characters get named over at The Big Thrill, please join us!

This week I’m finishing up preparations for the Cat Writers Association conference. It’s our 20th anniversary celebration! So I’m putting together a fun power point presentation of pictures and history of the organization. I’ve also been honored with several Certificate of Excellence awards in the annual contest and will find out if any of these nominations result in a Muse Medallion win, too! If you’re in the neighborhood, I’ll also be presenting my Kindle-ization talk once again.

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. There are LOTS of fun links today–and even a rather important (sort of scary, too) video on the blog for self protection. Hope you’ll never need it.


Creativity Writers Conference. Sat., Oct. 20. 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. KU Edwards campus, 12600 Quivira. Featuring Linda Rodriguez, fiction; Suzanne Lieurance, writing for children; Lisa Waterman Gray, travel writing, Olive Sullivan, poetry, Amy Viets and Bernadette Stankard, co-authorship; Mike Lance, electronic publishing.  Fee: $75. Sponsored by Kansas City Voices magazine. Public welcome.

Cover Art Tips for Authors

Fair Use what is it? Goodguidelines for writers

Writers, Create A Biz Plan and here’s how

Pub’ing Jobs at Harper Collins, Penguin

Dorchester Transfers Rights Back to Authors…if they can find you.

Do You NaNoWriteMo? 90+ published books began in this annual jump-start project that prompts writers to commit to 50,000 words in November! Do it!

Amazon Studios Options It’s First Novel to Become A Movie

Paying for Facebook Posts learn all about it and also this great explanation about EdgeRank

Open Letter to Virus Creators I really enjoyed reading this vent!

Sock Puppets & Fake Reviews

Self Pub’ing No Longer “Second Class” Route?

Google & Publishers Settle…well some of ’em do. I got a notice that I may be due a refund. Someday. Maybe. Kinda-sorta-in-a-way. Mffft. Here’s what Author Beware had to say about it.

Bouchercon–Why I Stopped Going  this author has some interesting observations

Tumblr Adds Analytics Tool

Plot Fixer Series, looks awesome!

How To Write A Press Release

Tags & Keywords for Authors

Gender Specific Characteristics for Characters…or not!

Quick Backlist Building With Shorter Books….really? What do you think?

Can My Killer Hack A Heart? that is, interfere with the pacemaker? Doug Lyle’s nefarious info is dead-on (bwaaa-hahaha!)


Pet Books Get No Respect...except here, of course. Two very well known dog writers expound on the furry truth

Pet Prescriptions & Veterinarians a good discussion from my friend over at Fidose of Reality

MAGGOT DNA I.D.s CORPSE and yes, I had to put that in all caps because it is so freakin’ cool! Yay, Doug Lyle…again!

Photos Help Shelter Animals Find Homes what a great project! You can do this, too.

Do Cats Hiccup?

TV Reality Veterinarian Fined for Negligence/Incompetence …but gee, he looks good on TV. What is WRONG with this picture?

California Squirrel Plague sounds like the plot to a thriller

SPONSORSHIP for Small Animal Studies Available at Morris Animal Foundation. Help your pet and others’, too.

Pet Loss & Bereavement–How Dogs Grieve. It’s awful, everyone’s different but getting through the pain can be done. Here are 7 Ways for Pet Lovers to Cope from psychology experts, and what to do for grieving cats from the awesome Marilyn Krieger

Dog Trainer Seminar–Suzanne Clothier Relationship Based Training Seminar, known as a “trainer of trainers”  Suzanne will be at the Grapevine (TX) Convention Center on Feb. 23-24, 2013. The cost of the 2 day seminar is $250 for early sign up, and $275 after Jan. 1, 2013. Contact Kathi O’Malley for registration

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4 thoughts on “Monday Mentions: Maggots, Plague & Good Times!

  1. The fake reviews thing happens in other places too – even in places where you have to buy through that site to leave a review. Friend of mine makes homemade soaps on Etsy, apparently someone who turned out to be a rival of hers bought like the cheapest stuff she had available, then proceeded to leave nasty reviews, and she had to do damage control and let folks know she offered a refund IF they could return the unwanted product, and they refused to return it (claimed they had chucked in in the garbage – sorry but the FIRST thing I do if I don’t like something I just bought is set it aside, and any packaging I didn’t accidentally throw away before finding out it didn’t work, if it’s something computerized or similar, in case I need to send them back to get my refund). Thankfully she’s got plenty of positive reviews now to cover it up, but at the time she had just started the online shop and she was worried it would damage sales. (By the way, said friend has the best homemade soaps I’ve ever tried so far – I don’t know how she does it.)

    I seriously want to do the photo thing for the local shelters once I get my hands on a higher-powered camera again (I’ll settle for something along the lines of the Nikon L110, but would prefer a DSLR so I can use my nice Canon pro-grade lenses again). Kinda want to do videos too, actually. But then, I want to sort of incorporate that into my weird little plan of taking video of myself interacting with the animals to help me see what I’m doing that is different from other people, that makes them respond to me so much better.

    As for the negligence case… geez, even I could have guessed that something was wrong… and I have NO veterinary training. x.x That sucks, because you learn to trust your vet, and then to have something like that happen… I mean, I can understand them telling the client not to worry on the first call, but after that… Even then, I’d like to think I’d have asked them if she was exhibiting any behaviors that they found concerning that made them call in.

    ““The Incredible Dr. Pol” continues to “charm audiences and animal lovers everywhere.”” Yeah, so does The Dog Whisperer, but that’s spreading outdated and sometimes HARMFUL training methods. Sheesh. And from National Geographic no less. Congrats on selling out, guys. People still look to National Geographic as a semi-educational entity, they really need to consider the responsibility involved in that. UGH. “The recent fine placed on Dr. Pol is due to an administrative complaint, not malpractice or misdiagnosis.” How is that NOT malpractice? His and his staff’s decisions quite possibly lead to the death of those puppies. If this were about human babies, people would be ripping it apart even if it was an honest mistake rather than negligence.

    Glad for the cat grief article. It’s a constant worry in the back of my mind with two oldsters in the house. Though I will also add that even rodents grieve – I had a gerbil who completely lost the will to live when his brother died, after the last of his scent was finally cleaned out of the cage. He was sort of coping until then, we figured it had been long enough – like a month later at least. But that last bit of old bedding we’d saved for him to ease him out of it, once it was gone he just… stopped. We’re talking within 24 hours was stone cold, even though he was still breathing, almost like he’d just made a conscious effort not to live anymore. Saddest thing I’ve ever seen, and something that’s sort of stuck with me…

    Sadly, the info in the shooter video has been in my head for a long time now, sort of come up with on my own over time, actually… when you’re in a workplace where people are that stressed out all the time, eventually you worry somebody’s gonna snap and shoot up the place. Just hoping if it does happen, it doesn’t happen when I’m there. Plan or no plan, my brain seems to melt under pressure. I’d prefer NOT to find out what it feels like to be shot.

    • It’s interesting–I got the link about dealing with pet grief one day, and then two days later got the others. Seemed to cover pretty much all bases.

      As always, Karyl, thanks for your comments–and sharing that gorgeous picture!

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