Monday Mentions: Looking Back & Looking Ahead

Wow, can you see this nervous tic at the corner of my right eye? It developed last Thursday and has only now quieted due to the therapeutic virtual scribblings for this blog. Who knew blogging would become so addictive?! And I gave myself and my human (and furry) family a gift of taking most of last week off with only one blog on Christmas day. Instead of blogging, I read. Baked. Ate too much. I reviewed 2012. Oh, and plotted for 2013.

This was a banner year for my writing. Three new ComPETability nonfiction titles, my first audio book, and my debut thriller LOST AND FOUND were all published. KURVES, THE MUSICAL was produced to rave reviews. And celebrated the 20th Anniversary founding of the Cat Writers Association (I can’t be that old!). But best of all, I connected with more readers and writer colleagues than ever before–me helping mentor some newer writers, and being mentored in return by y’all–and that really makes me purr as I look ahead to making more great connections.

I don’t do well with resolutions, although this Wednesday you’ll hear from the Magical-Dawg and Seren-Kitty about THEIR resolutions (with my comments :)). However, the writer-icty this past year has taken off in a good way, and I do much better with deadlines and to-do lists. So rather than resolutions, I’ve put together my 2013 goals and then calendared the steps needed to accomplish those goals. For me, if it ain’t on the calendar, it doesn’t exist. Here’s my big item short list for 2013, not necessarily in order:

  1. Record more audio books and publish. Complete Kitten Care audio is already available, Lost And Found thriller was JUST RELEASED TODAY!
  2. Write Hide And Seek (sequel to the thriller)
  3. Get the ComPETablity books into print
  4. Update and release The Purina Encyclopedia of Cat Care (including a new title tbd)
  5. Write Complete Puppy Care (companion to the kitten book)
  6. Finish script and orchestrate music for Strays, The Musical with my co-author
  7. Continue regular weekly newspaper column, blogs (with new Ask Amy videos) and content

Maybe a bit ambitious? Or not enough? Heck, probably should also include “spend more time with family/fur kids” cuz like I said, if it’s not on the calendar it won’t happen. I also have to remember to cross off the “away” days because I’m scheduled to speak so far at three writer conferences and also will be attending the Western Veterinary Conference.

Okay, your turn. I won’t ask about resolutions–but do you have a 2013 to-do list? Has your calendar started to fill up yet? Mine has highlighter markings in a rainbow and I’m running out of new colors.

Onward to the linky love list! And I’ve got nearly two weeks’ worth after taking time off. Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. Please scroll down for some silly, fun, and moving videos, too.


Mark Coker (Smashwords) 2013 Publishing Predictions

JA Konrath’s Predictions

Toxoplasmosis & Mental Illness this is old news (and a bit misleading) in the “cat world” but could be great plot complication for writers. Be advised most “human” cases result from you eating undercooked meat, not from interaction with your cat.

Obsolete Words this is a fun list, thanks to Darlene Arden for the link

Random House Gives $5000 Bonuses to 5000+ Employees If that first link didn’t give you a headache, this one sure will

Screenplay Writers Website a new online magazine resource, looks interesting

Sounds Odd? tips for audio book voicings

Building Direct Channels to Readers some tips on newsletters

Smartphones & Murder

Rachel Gardner Literary Agent has lots of good advice on her site

Tips for Picking Up the Pace from the always savvy Jodie Renner

10 Rules for Writing About Cops lots of good stuff here!

INSTAGRAM Updates Terms including right to sell your photos and says said today that it has the perpetual right to sell users’ photographs without payment or notification, a dramatic policy shift that quickly sparked a public outcry. Unless Instagram users delete their accounts before the January deadline, they cannot opt out.

Query Letters Tips when pitching to agents


Comfort Dogs in Newtown Connecticut

Mouse Agility with cool video!

Help Rehome Cats if you can offer a furry leg on the transport chain, check it out!

New Poison Treatment for Cats?

Homeopathy & AVMA  wow…this will put some folks’ tails in a twist.

A reader of my Christmas tree tips blog cautioned that her cats EAT cotton balls! So beware if you have a cat like this.

IAABC FREE CHAT ON FACEBOOK 1/13/13 at 9:00 pm (EST) Judy Weiss on “How to Raise a Great Puppy: The Dos and Don’ts to prevent unwanted behavior

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Monday Mentions: Looking Back & Looking Ahead — 10 Comments

  1. Amy, I had a nervous tic in my left eye during much of my pregnancy, and I also dealt with it quite a bit the beginning of this year when my novel was still in the query stage. That tic may be the most annoying thing known to man!

    Congrats on your banner year, and I’m loving your goals for this year. I know you can accomplish them!

  2. As always, a great list of links up there, Amy!

    Your goals are certainly ambitious, but I have not doubt you’ll accomplish the all (and a bit more, I bet!).

    I’m all about goal setting (will have mine on the blog tomorrow) because I think it gives us something to reach for. Congratulations on such a great year in 2012! May 2013 be even better.

    Happy New Year!

  3. You are most fantastic, Amy! I did not know you founded the Cat Writers Association! Wow. I just keep getting wowed and wowed over you and all your accomplishments. What an inspiration you are !

    Just wishing you the best-ever new year. Love your blog and could not admire you more.

    Donna Author of Skinny the Cat and the Magic of Kindness

    Sent from my iPad

    • Hi Donna, thanks so much for your kind words. CWA was founded by 4 of us, actually, and I just happened to still be there. *s* Here’s hoping 2013 will be a very good year for you and your book!

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