Monday Mentions: Kitty Cover, Free Books & Pet-astic Links

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. You’ll have to indulge me a weeee bit today, because SQUEEE! the full cover of my thriller is now available and it (DOUBLE SQUEEE!) has a cat on the back.

I’ve already had two great write-ups about the book, an advance review at Darlene Arden’s PerPETually Speaking and an interview today at Mary Shafer’s Author Blog, woot! Thanks so much to both these terrific writers.

That’s not the only news, though. Last week I announced a new Kindle-lized book, and this week to share my delight in all-things-furry, I’m giving them away. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the Multi-Dog ComPETability book is free on Kindle. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the Multi-Cat ComPETability book is free. And Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the Cat-Dog ComPETability book is free. I hope you’ll share the news with your pet-loving friends.

Now on to the other fun stuff. I’ve published nonfiction books with “traditional” publishers, brought my backlist and new nonfiction to life as an “indie” author, and my fiction will be published by a small press. Maybe I’m a hybrid, I don’t know. But the video, below, has some great insight from smarter and more successful authors that have taken a similar path, so don’t miss taking a look at this glimpse of one of the terrific 2012 Thrillerfest Panels on going “indie.”

Meanwhile I’ve compiled the usual helpful and fun links. Enjoy!


Amazon NY Signs with Ingram to sell Ebooks through other retailers

Amazon Serials–One Chapter at a Time ooooh this sounds nifty!

Florence, Italy Writers Retreat! oh, I soooo want to do this…maybe you can

Auditory Hallucinations Via Better Drugs, fun mayhem (for your fiction!) from DP Lyle

Tips to Avoid Social Media BurnOut

25 Things Social Media Must-Knows from a truly terrible mind (good stuff!)

Author Website 6 Must Haves, 6 things you should include for readers

7 Freelancing Scams and how to fight them from Writer Beware–and another Freelancer Beware Content Aggregators

What Kind of Reader Are You? here’s a test…do tell?

Get the Most Out of GoodReads oh, and if you’re a member, you can find me on Goodreads here.


Whale-Tracking DOG! fascinating stuff, a canine environmentalist

Archeologist Doggy Assistant digging for bones–reeeeeely old ones!

Cat Video Festival, meow-velous fun videos featuring fantastic felines (I dare ya to just watch ONE!)

Origin of Dog Collars, with some great historical tidbits and pictures. Awesome!

Thrillerfest 2012 Panel Master Bob Mayer, with Diane Capri, C.J. Lyons, Leo J. Maloney, Aaron Patterson, Lewis Perdue and Jennifer Talty. Tips that you don’t want to miss! Oh, and that’s my amazing publisher and editor in that lineup.

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    • Hi Kimberly, you’re very welcome. And you can read the Multi-Cat Competability sections as you need them, there’s no rule says you must read cover-to-cover. (Don’t listen to your cats, they’ll tell you what THEY want you to do and it usually involves treats!). *s*

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