Monday Mentions: Hearts & Flowers


Last Friday was our anniversary. That’s Seren checking out the flowers I received–she assumes they’re for her, of course! And because we never want the Magical-Dawg to feel left out, he also got a new toy.

MagicBugDo you share celebrations with your pets? Maybe we’re weird but the Seren-Kitty and Magical-Dawg are much more likely to have birthdays and anniversaries remembered (and celebrated) than the humans.

You’ll notice the blog has a few new tweaks. I’ve added some badges of my writer-ly and pet-astic organizations on the left sidebar you might want to check out. There also are a few select “affiliates” now listed that may offer products from time to time worthy of your attention.  🙂

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. Check out the SQUEEE! cute pet-astic videos at the bottom, too. For new followers to the blog, welcome! and you can expect more cat and dog specific schtuff later in the week on Wednesday and Friday.


Wanna Write A Sit-Com? Check Out Amazon StoryTeller yes they’re into THAT, too!

Photo Stock Images for Books here’s a great blog on the subject

Earthzine Seeks Science Writers

Great Fiction-ing Tips courtesy of Jenny Hansen’s great blog.

Why Book Publishers Still Drag Their ‘Digital’ Feet insightful article

 Canada’s Writer Union Admits Indies

2 Moon Press Pay-to-Play Investigated

Difference Between Taglines & Loglines thanks to Diane Capri for point out this great post

Content Mills Insight


Are Raw Diets Okay for Pets?

Sometimes puppies (or kittens) for whatever reason have trouble nursing. Maybe they get pushed away by furry siblings, or perhaps they’re orphaned. Bottle/syringe feeding or even the more invasive tube feeding (that requires more skill!) is the go-to method but this video offers an innovative alternative that works great!


…and because I love cello, love piano and love Les Mis…

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Monday Mentions: Hearts & Flowers — 12 Comments

  1. Look at you go with all your right sidebar new site magic!! It’s totally fab over here. 🙂

    Not only do I appreciate the link, I LOVE the videos! Especially the one of the sweety Lilly Blossom. I miss having pets. *sigh* Plus, I also have about 5 tabs open (evil woman).

    Happy Monday to you.

    • Hahahaha! That tiny pup is so sweet. Believe it or not, I got that awesome link from a cat breeder–it works for the bottle baby orphan kittens, too.

      When you’re ready for a new fur-baby let me know. Cuz I knows peeps!

  2. I’ve occasionally celebrated holidays with my pets, usually when I’m away from family—suppose it give me extra comfort. Based on the animal enthusiasm around here, one would think every day is a holiday. 🙂 Pets can teach us so much!

    Thanks for the links, Amy! I hope your week’s off to a brilliant start.

    • Thanks August! Week is off to a bit of a slow start. Over-did on the workout and yard work this weekend and paying for it. *s* Have a great day and week yerownself.

  3. HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY to you and your husband. I really like the changes to your blog by adding the badges and affiliates. I’ve already checked out a bunch of neat things there. Yes, I must admit we have birthday celebrations for the cats. They always get some new toys and special treats for their special day. When it comes to the holidays they always get some turkey. I have been known to order them some turkey breast from a local gourmet sandwich shop when I get a sandwich. I just wonder what that lady thinks when I tell her it’s for my cats? If I don’t get them some they look at me so pitiful with those 6 eyes. Spoiled??? Well I can’t help they have me wrapped around their little paws. Have a great week Amy!

    • I love it that you get turkey for the cats, too! When I go to Starbucks and have Magical-Dawg with me, I always ask for whip cream for him. They call it a Puppy-Latte and do a swirl inside one of those lids. I suspect that most vendors would increase business if they catered to the pet peeps among their clients.

      Thanks so much for the anniversary wishes.

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