Monday Mentions: Ice, Ice and…oh yeah, Ice

Ice 004

The current four inches of sleet turned to solid ice on the drive keep us homebound…and some has melted.

Ice 003

Finally it’s melting!

  Morning, Sweet Peeps! I’ve been stuck in the house since Thursday with Ice-ageddon here in North Texas. Nowhere to go, lots of soup being made (and eaten), and Magical-Dawg bored out of his furry skull. There are LOTS of links today since I’ve been saving up.

Did I mention, my husband also home during this time? Five days. All day long. With the TV on…oh, my. Since I work from home, and actually continued to “try” to work, it’s been a weeee bit of a challenge to have someone here. I have made headway on my revisions for LOST AND FOUND sequel HIDE AND SEEK, but not nearly as much as hoped. Oh, and now I have a cover for the book, thanks to my wonderful publisher and feedback from some of my Facebook fans! This time there’s a Maine Coon cat on the cover, along with Shadow, the GSD! Yee-haw! (see, if you “like” that page, you’ll stay up to date on some breaking news schtuff…)

Stay tuned, because once the revisions are completed I plan to reach out to y’all for some pre-publication reads for possible reviews both here on the blog and from Facebook Fans and newsletter subscribers. YOU are the reason the first book was a success–and I want you to get first look at the sequel. (Winners of the Name That Dog and Name That Cat contest get the book first, of course!).

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. Lots of videos today, including a moving horseback ride, Pug-icity, and a way-kewl fun music video at the bottom for all you theater and Wizard of Oz lovers, don’t miss it! Check out the THRILLERFEST video at the bottom, too.  For new followers to the blog, welcome! and you can expect more cat and dog specific schtuff later in the week on Wednesday and Friday.


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 “So Yew Want Tew Be A Riter?” some hilarious outtakes from published novels, courtesy of the always entertaining Colin Falconer.

Make ‘Em Good–AND Bad  the duality of character traits from Becca Puglisi

Mokule’ia Writers Retreat--Hawaii anyone? *s*

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 2014 Writers League of Texas Agent/Editor Conference


New Dog Bite Study Confirms Husbandry A Major (Preventable) Factor

 My Life With Snoopy a book review from Dakota’s Den blog (Shelties know good literature…) You’ll recognize the author, too.

How FIP Affects Cat Immunity

Now “Bird Brain” Is A Compliment check out this parrot intelligence study from Harvard

Jackson Gallaxy, host of MY CAT FROM HELL has launched a new weekly “Cat Mojo” YouTube series, starting TODAY! Here’s the trailer:

Get your Kleenex read for this AMAZING RIDE, bareback and bridleless, a true partnership…in memory of the man who taught her how:

2010 Thrillerfest Interview

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Monday Mentions: Ice, Ice and…oh yeah, Ice — 5 Comments

  1. Bah! Looks like there’s snow under that ice. I’d still totally drive through that. LOL My wee little car can make it through that. It’s when the roads turn to glass or we get too high for my bumper to get over that I run into problems. LOL (Ohio is a very different world from Texas)

    As for working on author-y stuffs with someone at home – noise cancelling headphones with a proper sing to set the mood often helps me. 🙂

    WOW that horse… the level of trust that takes… that’s just amazing. That’s the type of relationship with horses I always dreamed about. Just being able to KNOW each other that well, that every little touch means something and you don’t need all the gear.

    • The horse and rider made me cry, such a moving ballet. And actually there’s no snow…it’s all sleet that froze together. I grew up in Indiana and learned to drive in snow, so that wouldn’t be a problem but the ice is a whole ‘nuther thang. *s*

      • Your sleet looks like snow. O.o *pokes it* IMPOSTOR!

        I’m just glad we didn’t get the full-blown freezing rain they were calling for. Storm apparently blew off to the side of us.

          • Yeah… if it had hit, I’d have been stuck at WORK. Would rather be trapped at home where all my nice warm jammies and tea are. LOL I suppose it missing us makes up a bit for the foot of snow we got last year that took 2 days just to dig ourselves out of so we could even get out of the driveway. We needed help to get the doorway cleared so we could get out where it drifted (some of those drifts hit my waist, it was fun).

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