Monday Mentions: Furry Inspiration & Writing Help

This morning I take the Magical-Dawg for his annual vet check up (shhhh, it’s a surprise!). He actually enjoys the whole deal (CAR RIDE? YESSSS!) and loves snort-snuffling the outside postage-stamp grassy patch where he reads the latest Pee-Mail for the best doggy gossip. Of course, he has to add his liquid comment to the mix. At least he doesn’t baptize the interior of the clinic, but does his best to announce, “Big dawg is here…y’all!” with explosive barks as he enters the door. I’m always a wee bit concerned some poor little Grandma will pass out from the shock, and then Magical-Dawg will smooch her back to consciousness.

Seren-kitty got a virtual birthday card this week from the vet. She’s sixteen. Wow, the time has sped by but despite some hearing issues that increase the volume of her meow, and some arthritic claws, Seren looks and acts much younger. To celebrate, she helped me un-make and then make the bed (a favorite cat game) and then she got thoroughly wasted on some high quality ‘nip.

How do you celebrate your pets’ birthdays? Actually we don’t know Seren’s real day, so picked one, and I know many folks who instead celebrate the pet’s “gotcha day.” At my house, every day’s a celebration. I couldn’t do what I do without my furry muses (those present and those still in my heart…) I just got delivery dates for the sequel to my thriller YAY! but that means I’ll be head-down (and head-banging) fictioning for the foreseeable future. My furry muses are primed and ready to inspire!

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. I’ve been head-down recording the narration on my ComPETability/Cats book…yes, doing it myself! But when you’re not equipped to voice a project yourself, this article has great tips for choosing a VO professional. 


What Facebook Interactions Say About You from the awesome Jenny Hansen

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Vantage Press Closes one of the oldest “vanity” publishers, founded in 1949.


HARTZ Dog Treats Recall


Grants Available AKC Companion Animal Recovery Canine Support and Relief Fund

New AKC Breeds Appear At Westminster!  See the show Feb 11 & 12 on tv…or win tickets and free passes!

AKC Eukanuba Dog Show on ABC Feb 2nd

Fighting Pet Obesity great article


Seeing Holy Images? from the seriously funny files of Piper Bayard and Jay Holmes

And just to close on the same pet-tastic theme, I have to share this wonderful video of the great Ian Dunbar–on training, of course.

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Monday Mentions: Furry Inspiration & Writing Help — 13 Comments

  1. good luck at the vet and happy happy birthday to “Seren-kitty” I guess I am a bad Mom…I get the boys presents for their birthdays (sometimes, because being blogging pets they get soooo much!) For Dakota I make him a special meal…poor Cody can’t have a special meal due to his allergies. I sing to them all day on their birthday but no big parties…I must be a bad Mom!

    • Naw, you’re not a bad Mom. I’d sing to mine except they complain. Seren lion-coughs at me ack-ack-ack and Magic howls along. *s*

      Magic’s exam and shots went well, he was a GOOD dog and smooched the vet. He’s 85 pounds, clean teeth, negative on all the various tests. He’s got some pigment loss on his schnoz that’s new and we’re watching–probably (hopefully) nothing more than the result of a chapped nose. But could be autoimmune…so we’re watching.

  2. Question (Mewdy Blue’s brother) had a vet visit today too! Unfortunately it was because he has not been himself lately. He’s lost a lot of weight from not eating well and has been acting dumpy.

    But he was a good boy. He purred almost the whole time. That is, until they decided to draw blood. Then he let loose with the most horrible noise I’m sure everyone in the building thought we were doing something really horrible to him! Immediately when it was over though his purring started again.

    He’s really a good boy, he just wants everyone to know that he’s in charge 🙂

    • Hope Mewdy gets a clean bill of health–or if not, it’s something easily and quickly fix-able.

      Magic is a weenie when it comes to getting his temp taken or nails done. He didn’t like having his heartworm test blood drawn, I’m told, so they didn’t touch his nails so he had a “better opinion” of the experience, LOL! Great. Now he’ll make me pay (in treats) for each nail.

      • Unfortunately the blood chemistry analyzer was down so we decided to wait until it is fixed, hopefully on Friday. If it was an emergency we could have sent the blood to the local human hospital but it would make comparing results impossible.

        So, I hope to hear the results in the morning – oh, look! It is morning 🙂 Well, maybe later in the morning.

        Oh, and Amy, this time it is Question, not Mewdy Blue who is ailing. I know it is difficult to tell from my post. He’s named for the Moody Blues song “Question” but I just call him Cutey Q 🙂

  3. When we can (unless Jasmine is sick, after surgery etc …) we celebrate all special events with special walks. She loves it. Therefore I love it. I won’t remember what gifts I got for my birthday, but I will remember where we went for a special birthday walk.

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