Monday Mentions: First Aid for Pets & Writers

I’d planned to blog about my friend Arden Moore’s visit to Dallas on this week’s Feline Friday blog because she’s presenting a pet tech first aid on Jan. 25 and a behavior seminar on Jan. 26  in Dallas. And the “star” of the class is Zeki, a rescue cat that had a rocky start in Dallas when evil people tried to skin her alive (urk! I know!). But she’s now saving kitty and doggy lives as a spokescat and demo feline for Arden’s classes.

However, the Friday class filled up so she’s added another class on Thursday Jan. 24 at the Dallas SPCA. Call 214-324-6999 or email for more info and check out this link. If you can’t attend one of Arden’s awesome sessions, I’d strongly urge you to invest in a pet first aid book. Here’s a sneak peak of Arden’s class.

During a recent pet first aid class taught by Pet Tech master instructor Arden Moore, her feline teaching assistant, Zeki, began kneading the demo dog at the exact same time Moore was explaining the proper techniques to give CPR to a dog. Now that’s one smart cat! Learn more about Arden Moore by visiting and and check out this amazing cat who survived a brutal knife attach as a stray to become a true feline ambassa-cat to help people, cats and yes, even dogs!

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. Feel free to comment and “sing” about similar paw-some links that should be included. And you really MUST watch the video at the end–for some writerly inspiration and creative first aid.


Twitter Info–Sweet Tweet Timing

Global Talk Radio not worth your time or money, from Author Beware. And yes, I’ve gotten “invitations” from them.

UK Speaker Scam another one.

Your Brain on Metaphors

Ebooks “Rented” not Owned?

What Should Freelancers Charge, some suggestions

Women In Film–Or Not

The Secret of Writing from Fitzgerald

Free Books via FreeBookSifter

Oklahoma Playwright Association Lots of great links here, too.

Oklahoma Writers Federation Annual Contest

80 Sites to Promote Your Book

Responding (or Not?) to Negative Reviews here’s an interesting discussion



Doggy Floral Arrangements courtesy of Fidose of Reality’s fun post on canine nuptials

Guide Cat for Blind Dog

Feb. 6, 8:00 pm Free Webinar–Low Stress Handling of Difficult Cats this will be great info for cat owners, rescuers and vet techs

No Kill Conference

Animal Rescue Site–Click to Give Free Food! click the button up at the top for the Shelter+ Challenge to vote. My colleague requests votes for CATS in Oregon for a chance for grants

I Discovered A Lump on My Pet, Part 1 from Dr. Rayya’s great blog

Neil Gaiman’s inspirational graduation talk “Make Good Art” is well worth the listen!

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Monday Mentions: First Aid for Pets & Writers — 12 Comments

  1. Zeki is way too sweet. What a cool spokeskitty. Great links, Amy and I love Neil Gaiman. He’s a quirky kind of guy. His speech has so much goodness to it ~ I’ve never heard it before. Makes me want to go out and do the impossible!

  2. Amy, Zeki and I thank you for alerting your pet pals in the Dallas area about our upcoming visit! This is Zeki’s triumphant homecoming! We have a few spots left for our Jan. 24 pet first aid class and welcome dog and cat lovers to attend our edu-taining behavior workshop set for Saturday, Jan. 26. For more details on how to register, please dash over to Me-WOW!

  3. That is one crazy dog pic Amy. I had to really look at it closely. That will tell you what kind of day I’ve had. Ack! I’m afraid my pet is one of the stuffed nature for the time being since our landlords do not allow pets. But we have a sweet outdoor cat that has adopted us, so we get the benefit of having a kitty around and our neighbors upstairs take care of her. She dominates our patio and keeps it safe from mice. She’s a sweetie. 🙂

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  5. I was really concerned about how my cat and dog might react to my new baby. I mentioned this to a friend, and she got me the BEST baby shower gift ever! It’s called the Pregnant Paws Baby Preparation Kit. ( It’s a whole kit designed to deal with preparing your pet for your baby. It’s sooo cute! It’s got a CD with baby sounds to get the pets used to baby crying & cooing. It also has a baby blanket I can take to the hospital and wrap the baby in and send it home with my husband to let my furry babies sniff before the infant comes home so they get used to his or her scent. The blanket is a really nice, soft, fluffy fleece one. I am sure to use it a lot afterwards, as well. The kit also has some other items to help the pet adjust to the baby. Best of all, it has a nice pamphlet with some really good tips and advice about preparing your pet for your baby. My sister-in-law is also expecting and has a couple of pets. I think I am going to buy a kit for her baby shower myself. I think it will be as popular at her shower as it was at mine. It is really unique! Hope this helps anyone who is afraid how their pet might react to a new baby. I know I feel better prepared. I’ve followed the Pregnant Paws advice and feel that I’ve made some good changes in my home to help my cat and dog get ready for my baby. The stuff in the kit will help a lot. I can’t wait to introduce the new member of the family to my furry babies!

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