Monday Mentions: Extreme Grooming, Genius Crows & Bestselling Authors Speak!

LOST AND FOUND launched last Thursday and I’m still riding the wave of excitement! THANK YOU to everyone for making the day so special–and the fun continues. For a debut book to so quickly climb the amazon rankings (to 8065 at one point!) is unbelievable, but the fantastic reviews have blown me away. Of course I hope more readers will post their comments in reviews. That’s how I know what y’all want for the NEXT book. 🙂

Want to know more about the book’s characters, the writing process, and what’s fact vs fiction? Join me Oct 1-15 for a come-and-go email book club discussion (you’ll love the dog expert members of this group!). If you love dog books, the DogRead group is THE place to be.

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. Some of this “schtuff” can be hard to categorize and may fit more than one topic so I urge you to at least scan them all. Don’t miss the neato video from Thrillerfest with Jon Land, panel master, interviewing the scary Ted Dekker, Jamie Freveletti, Lisa Gardner, Lisa Jackson and Wendy Corsi Staub. Hear about how to amp up the thrill write in your fiction without losing credibility, enjoy!


Rogue Reader to Launch at Bouchercon all about “writing on the ether” sounds fascinating!

Seasons of Publishing, hey I knew that!

Insights From Editors, you may want to hire one of these professionals. Be sure to browse the comments, too!

Nice Mommy-Evil Editor on #editreport a kewl way to see what editors think and why they URK! decline a project

New Twitter Profile Tips for Authors

What the Heck is EdgeRank and why should authors care?

Add Variety to Dialogue 7 tricks for your characters

The State of KDP Select and more insight into how to make the most of your Ebook free days.

Stonethread Publishing SpecFiction Short Story Contest

BookBaby Publishing Sweepstakes Contest

Read A Book, Win Trip to France!

Self-Pub’d Ebook Income Reports from CNN


Extreme Dog Grooming, gives new meaning to a living, breathing topiary. Wow!

Cute Pet Holiday Cards from American Humane for a good cause, too!

Music For/About Animals if you write music or listen to it (or your pets are composers!)

Crows–Smarter Than You Think they use tools, they reason, not your usual bird brains (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

Cat Behavior Survey please participate, I did…could help future cats. I had the pleasure to interview Dr Melissa Bain for some of my books.

Blood Test for Canine Cancer! wow, this could be huge. Also check out the COVER DOG CONTEST to benefit Canine Cancer Research

AKC ACE AWARD WINNERS these dogs are heroes on so many levels.

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Monday Mentions: Extreme Grooming, Genius Crows & Bestselling Authors Speak! — 5 Comments

  1. I have mixed feelings about the whole “extreme grooming” bit. If you watch the video that goes along with the article, some of the dogs DO appear to be enjoying it, but others kinda look like they wish they were elsewhere. I’m also kinda of joining the camp of folks who don’t think it’s right to use bleaching agents on a dog, as it can be pretty nasty on people too (ever accidentally spilled salon peroxide on your skin? I have some I used to try bleaching patterns in tanned fur for crafting, got it on my hand once and it BURNED). And DEFINITELY iffy on how close the dyes are getting to some of those dogs’ eyes…

    Corvids in general are actually quite smart. 🙂 We’ve known for a long time that crows, ravens, magpies, and some jays are good at using tools. But then, the more we study, the more we find out that animals are smarter than we think. There are elephants that can do math if I recall, and they are finding out that dolphins are smarter than apes when it comes to language (they can grasp syntax, which none of the apes thus far have been able to do, besides humans of course).

    Hm, I suppose I’ll answer the survey for Simba since I’m technically the “secondary caregiver” for Anubis. I’m curious what sort of thing this is looking for… are we trying to correlate coat types to behavior patterns? If so, I’d almost put money on it at least showing a correlation between black cats and friendliness. Almost every black cat I’ve known has been a major attention hog. LOL

    • My mom had a pet crow when she was growing up. He was a thief, stole shiny objects. Can’t blame the bird, I like shiny objects, too! *s*

      I’m also not convinced the dogs are having as good of a time as the people. True, it takes some great talent to sculpt the fur. But I’m also leery of the bleach/dye stuff. Just don’t know enough to comment intelligently.

  2. Thank you so much for being so generous to share everything you do with us readers and animal lovers. I did the cat behavior survey and really enjoyed it. I’m reading one of your Competability books now and am really enjoying it and I’ve learned so much about their behaviors. I have had cats all my life and have had a multi cat household the past 30 years but I must be getting awful old because the new member of my indoor family is 4 months old and he has give my 2 cats that are 8 years old fits. Fur has been flying, hissing, spitting, growling – you name it – we’ve had it. The vet said it would be rocky for 2 weeks – that was an understatement. My adult male has adjusted very well but Macy – my other adult cat is being very slow to adjust. The kitten wants to play and jumps on her – she squeals like a pig and slaps him and he comes back for more. She is adjusting but she’s taking her time. I thought she would adjust easier since she’s a female.

    • 2 weeks??? Oh man, if I’d been told 2 weeks I’d have been PANICKED at the nearly 6 months ours took to finally get used to one another. Simba was hissing at every turn for AGES, and we figured she’d be fine too – the cat who was moving in with her had never been with other cats, she had. Go figure, he did fine.

      Sometimes I think females are feistier than neutered males when it comes to getting along with newbies.

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