Monday Mentions: Dogs vs Cats & Write Schtuff

I can’t count the times folks have asked me which is my favorite, cats or dogs. And as an equal opportunity pet lover, I’ve steadfastly refused to choose. However, there have been times when, just for fun, I’ve championed one or the other pet in a tongue-in-cheek debate.

Last time, I championed cats. It was YEARS ago (as you can see in this video) during the GREAT PET DEBATE on the Today Show over whether Socks Clinton or Leader Dole would make the better White House Pet. FWIW, the cat side won the phone-in poll. Even Katie Couric voted for the cats! 🙂

My friend Franny the Cats Guide posed the challenge this time. Here’s her 10 reasons cats are better than dogs.  So, I had to respond with Dogs vs Cats: 10 Reasons Puppies Are Better. What do you think? We’ve even set up a poll where you can vote.

THIS JUST IN! has WON the Dog Writers Association of America Maxwell Award (for the 2nd year in a row) for Best Website, arrrooooooo! So that’s even more incentive to check out the fun puppy-licious site.

I also wanted to share this fun interview with Kourtney Heinz about my writer-icity journey from Big 6 to small press. She’s a writer to watch!

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. There are some fun videos at the bottom, too!


If This Was Your Last Day On Earth…something everyone (not just writers) should consider, lovely post from Colin Falconer

Tor UK Accepts Direct Sub’s from Writers

Mailing Lists & Authors

Selling “Used” Ebooks, huh???

Genre Writers–Show Me the $$  reality bites, don’t it?

Christian Writers Guild Pay to Play a hard look by Writer Beware

NetGalley Boasts 100,000+ Members . . . and they’re all reviewing books!

What About Orphan Works? more from Writer Beware

Small Publishers, the Future Of the Industry

Audible Announces 10-Fold Increase  and yes, I’m one of the authors turning my titles into audio-books, including Complete Kitten Care & Lost and Found

Tips for Show (Not Tell) from Marcy Kennedy

Don’t Sell Yourself Short a discussion of freelancer rates…are you working for peanuts? (Cheetos are another matter…)

Bookish Finally Launched

Ebooks Now Multi-BILLION Amazon Category

Securing Permissions to use SCHTUFF in Books

Stay Legal With Posts, Photos and More a great article my friend Carol Bryant pointed out

7 Free Photo Libraries in answer to the permissions and legalities schtuff

Google+ Overtakes Twitter  oh d*mn, now I gotta learn a new one?

APPLE to Highlight Self-Pub’d Books


Lost Kitty Treks 200 Miles to Return Home

Cat Bounce! it’s hypnotizing…

Brilliance of the Dog Mind

PenVet Cat Behavior Survey

Wildlife Forensic Science vs Poachers

Thanks to Kathy Bowen for pointing out this fun “writer-ly” video!

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4 thoughts on “Monday Mentions: Dogs vs Cats & Write Schtuff

  1. Great resources here, Amy! Love this title; equal opportunity pet lover. That’s me. Dogs are like OPKs to me (other people’s kids). I do love them but dont want them. ha ha. I actually dont want the work that goes with them so stick with my lovable, furry kitties.Great story on the lost kitty’s trek home. We’ve had 2 kitty treks. One hung on under out car for 6 miles to our house from the Vet’s backyard (we kept him and called him Hobo) and another time our cat disappeared for 6 weeks. She turned up 12 miles away, strangely enough in the back woods of our friends house!

    • Hi Donna–you’re right, dogs are more work than cats. For instance, it’s raining and cold out today. Seren-kitty is curled up in the blue bed in front of me on the table. Magical-dawg needs to go out in the weather…with me!

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