Monday Mentions: Desk Treadmills, Thrillerfest & Persian Problems

On Thursday I get on a plane to fly to New York City and attend Thrillerfest–YEEEE-HAW! Yes, I’m just a wee bit excited. I have my camera packed and will bring back lots of photos and some short videos of various writer-icity sessions to share on future Monday Mentions blogs.


LifeSpan Treadmill Desk

In fact, I spent the last several days writing blogs, newspaper columns and puppy-licious content ahead to clear my calendar (and my head!) in preparation for head-down writer-icity on the next thriller. I have no doubt that when I return from Thrillerfest, the inspiration will carry me through the rest of the month and beyond. Stay tuned for pictures and videos from the event!

What do you do to inspire your writing (or other) goals? Go for walks? Sing in the shower? Play Frisbee tag with a furry friend? These days I’m walking-while-writing on that neato-torpedo desk-treadmill. And since I only use it while working in my office, it’s totally tax deductible! Yep, I can still put in the 8-12 hour writing days while logging anywhere from 1-4 hours walking at the same time. How do you stay in shape–while fighting the desk-spread-blues? Do share!

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. For new followers to the blog, welcome! and you can expect more cat and dog specific schtuff later in the week on Wednesday and Friday.


B&N Shelves PubIt! yes, it’s shutting down on July 10

Penguin & Random House Marriage

Paula Deen’s Books Cancelled

Why FB Shouldn’t Replace Author Websites from the always insightful Jane Friedman

Hachette To By Disney’s Adult Trade Imprint Hyperion

All About Ingram Spark   take a look at the platform here and another discussion here.

Poetry Society of Texas Conference July 12 & 13

Spotify for Books? oooh this could get testy

Avoid Publishing-Assisted Suicide

Coffitivity are you kidding me? ambient coffee house sounds for the creatives

Killer Nashville August 22 – 25 if you missed Thrillerfest, check out this great conference with lots of  literary agents and editors

How To Tell A Story this is an inspiring 20-minute TED TALK video writers really need to see


Cats “Play Dumb” to Survive here’s a fun and intriguing article that…well…cat owners knew this already but it’s nice science finally agrees!

American Humane’s Hero Dogs Awards plan now for this October bash!


CH InTheWind Peadar Ronan of Donegal (Ronan)

Ronan’s Big Heart Do you love Persians? Have a longhaired kitty friend? adore cats in general? All felines benefit from studies to treat and ultimately eliminate hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a heart ailment that took Ronan’s life August 2012. Ronan’s beloved human, Jeanne O’Donnell, is passionate about this cause for her own Persian beauties and pet cats everywhere, and calls this endeavor RONAN’S BIG HEART in honor of this lovely fellow. The genetic marker HAS been found for Maine Coons and Ragdoll cats–funding is all that stands in the way for studies to continue for Persians.

HCM Ricky Fund Brochure & Form for Persian research

Along with Jeanne, I urge you to spread the word in the pet cat community to make a donation to Persian Research via the Ricky Fund, allocated through the Winn Feline Foundation. She says, “Your participation can add miles to this research endeavor and help to ensure the future of the Persian cat breed.”

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6 thoughts on “Monday Mentions: Desk Treadmills, Thrillerfest & Persian Problems

  1. I’ll bet I’m one of the few who read “Persian Problems” and didn’t automatically think the cat breed. Bad Marci! Bad Marci!

  2. Why Facebook shouldn’t replace author websites? Because a lot of people refuse to give in to Facebook’s identity theft feeding. I just don’t like all that information that Facebook asks me for. I feel left out of many contests, etc. but that’s the price I pay for keeping my own information.

    I only hope that I don’t someday find it necessary to join in.

    • I love Facebook! But I don’t share anything personal. ANYTHING posted online, in email, here as a comment *eg* gets harvested by someone somewhere, there is no ‘privacy’ more. I’ve had my website hijacked. Anything can be hacked. Short of unplugging everything and living in the 1920s I don’t think there’s any way to escape.

      I don’t play games or enter FB contests, either. Not interested.

  3. Have a safe trip on Thursday Amy and enjoy Thrillerfest. Your furr kids will miss you. Do they sense your leaving yet? Looking forward to stories, pics, bling and videos. Enjoyed the links above. I have been following the Paula Deen mess. Talking about reputation one minute and gone the next! What you build in a lifetime can be destroyed over a word and once the Food Network pulled her shows on the 2nd day – it was a domino effect after that. I was a little surprised that her entire book deal of 5 books was all cancelled.

    • Thanks Patricia. Yes, when the suitcase comes out the pets know I’ll be leaving. They become much more demanding of my husband when I’m away so he’ll have to double up on the attention! They love having him home anyway.

      The Paula Deen debacle was indeed a cautionary tale. I suppose with publishing in such turmoil, anything that tips the boat gets tossed out before it can sink the ship.

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