Monday Mentions: Deadlines & Lifelines


I have good news, and not so good news, and great news to share. First, I’m finally making significant progress on HIDE AND SEEK (the sequel to my 65+ starred review thriller LOST AND FOUND). I have a deadline looming every closer and have been scrambling to find a floaty-device to keep me from drowning in my to-do lists.

The bad news–in order to get traction on the fictioning process, I’ve had to make some very difficult decisions and slooooooow down on other fronts. Sadly, I’ve had to step away from some of my favorite projects, including the CAT CRAZY radio show. I’ll still be a “special friend” of the show and hope to return to the co-host chair once I’ve survived the various deadlines. Thanks so much for continuing to support the show.

Oh, the great news? MY LAPTOP IS HOME! Talk about a lifeline, that is very good news that I really needed. As far as I can tell (thus far) it’s made a full recovery thanks to the awesome Geek Squad over at Best Buy. That means I’ll be able to finish the audio version soon of the ComPETability (Dogs-to-Dogs) book and future titles. On that front, I again encourage y’all to subscribe (if you haven’t already) to my PET PEEVES newsletter. There’ll be some extreee-spashun book news on Thursday that will be announced there first. 🙂

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. Check out the SQUEEE! cute pet-astic videos at the bottom, too. For new followers to the blog, welcome! and you can expect more cat and dog specific schtuff later in the week on Wednesday and Friday.


Cat Writers Association Early-Bird Conference Registration!

Google Alerts Goes Away–Enter Talkwalker Alerts I’ve signed up, we’ll see how well it works. Another one is Web Mention. Thanks to Leona DeRosa Bodie for the links.

B&N Launch Nook Press too little too late? Hmnnn. Check it it out here. And here’s more on what this writer calls an “insanely bad contract”

Screenplay Competition for Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy

 5 Tips for Self-Pub’d Authors on Rights Issues

Writing in Sickness & Health a great post on fueling your fever (and other stuff) from August McLaughlin

5 Questions to Ask Characters Before you Write

Top 10 Book Blogs 2013 from Story Cartel a list you’ll want to bookmark!

Google+ Building Author Platforms a great post and tips from Marcy Kennedy–hint, she’s giving a 90-minute webinar April 20 with more info!

KOBO Beats Google Books

Les Edgerton Dialogue Tips Part 3

Cautions for ACX-AUDIBLE Authors oh dear…now what?

Slow Death of The American Author do you agree? David Gaughran’s response puts a whole other spin on things with What Scott Turow Doesn’t Care About

Did you read Stephen King’s “Under The Dome” — it’s coming to TV and I can’t wait! See the trainer/interview with Mr King, below.


RECALL! Virbac Heartworm Preventive for Dogs

Internet Vet Advice Shut Down! Oh wow…lots of websites could be in trouble if this stands, what do you think?

Cats Rule the ‘Net…but Dogs Rule Print oh yeah? what do you think?

Natural Remedies to Cat Allergies from two of my fav sources, Sally Bahner guest posting on The Conscious Cat blog!

Thank you to KB Owen for the head’s up about this great video!

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12 thoughts on “Monday Mentions: Deadlines & Lifelines

  1. It can be tough to step down from obligations, right? Sounds like you made a wise decision. I marvel at how prolific and diversified you are, Amy! And your sequel sounds fabulous. 🙂

    Thanks for the shout out!

    • Thanks August. I had a major breakthrough on the fiction so feeling better about that now. Still soooooo much I need/want to get done! But of course, it never gets better. The deadlines get met but there are always new ones, or the goals change. That keeps life interesting, of course!

  2. Love that purring squirrel video…As far as the veterinarian issue, that’s a bunch on nonsense…there are how many sites devoted to human medical advice…Why should that be allowed and not vet advice?

    • I know, it’s pretty amazing that they picked on this one veterinarian. There are many other veterinarians who also offer online advice, including the human physicians you mention.

  3. The online veterinarian issue bothers me because they can be a great help if used intelligently. My own veterinarian welcomes input and my own research when it comes to tough cases. And how can any entity censor all the veterinary sites out there! Impossible.

    That cat/squirrel video is great but I worry anytime I see something like that. At least here in Iowa having a squirrel or any wildlife as a pet is illegal so putting a video out there might get these people in trouble. Even wildlife rehabilitators have to either release animals once they are able or prove that the animal is a good education aide. The other option they face is to euthanize the animal. Sad but true. I would think that it is true in other states as well. I wish these folks luck.

    • Hi Andrea, I have concern as someone who also offers “advice” via the Internet and by phone in behavior consults, as well. I’m very careful to stay well back of the line to avoid any perception of ‘practicing veterinary medicine’ but I know many veterinarians who also offer long-distance consults. While I don’t know the particulars of this case, and I can support the notion of making sure pets (and their people) are protected, on the surface this appears to be overkill.

      As for the squirrel and pets as wildlife, yep–that can be a concern. Here in Texas there’s really no laws prohibiting that…heck, there’ve been cases of lions etc kept as pets. Forced euthanasia after rehabbing an animal? Really? That again seems applying black-and-white rules to a shades-of-gray situation. *sigh*

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