Monday Mentions: Coyotes, Tigers & Green Dawgies


“Am I an Irish Sitter now?” Image Copr. Amy Shojai, CABC

HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY! With my Scotch-Irish heritage, I’ll be speakin’ with a bit of a brogue and/or lilt to me voice and wearin’ a wee bit o’ green. Magical-Dawg offered to help out with the “greening” of the blog. And he’s not taking any blarney from $%^&*(O! coyotes.

CoyoteThat picture on the left isn’t terribly clear, but is a view out my back patio window yesterday late afternoon. Remember the path that little Karma took to find his way to our home? Well, a pair of coyotes trotted down that same pathway, beautiful, elegant–lethal. This one stood looking back at me for several minutes, long enough for me to snap a couple of pictures through the doorway.

Living on 13+ acres in North Texas gives us a close-up view of wildlife. And as much as I admire the hummingbirds and deer, feel aggravation toward the armadillos digging up the roses, and appreciate the raccoons, bobcats, owls, hawks and even snakes, I have a healthy respect for the predators. We share this ecosystem and I can’t fault them for their nature–to survive at all costs. But I also must respect that they can make a snack of my cats and possibly Magical-Dawg if he’s lured out to where several of ’em can gang-attack.Raccoon

For puppies, small dogs, and kittens, the threat is even more apparent. Be aware that a fenced yard may not offer the safety needed. Pets have been snatched with owners only feet away. You can learn more in this article I wrote for my site on animal attacks. (It applies to any small pet, including cats.).

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Monday Mentions: Coyotes, Tigers & Green Dawgies — 6 Comments

  1. We can hear coyotes in the woods by our house. Scary, scary! We don’t like armadillos digging up the yard either. I do stay live and let live unless your a snake…sorry but not going to happen! Thanks for the writer’s links. I’ll check them out too!

    • Thanks M.K. When I was a kid we used to make pets of the frogs and snakes and turtles and baby birds and and and…well, really anything. But that was in Indiana, and here in Texas the snakes include rattlers and copperheads, and the spiders are tarantulas. Actually, tarantulas are kind of cool. *s*

  2. Magic is so regal and beautiful and how adorable with his bow tie. He’s not missing a beat with those ears. I think he’s ready to go for a car ride, a walk or to play. Won’t be very long for Frisbee time and playing in the water. Those coyotes are getting very brazen. Have you ever encountered one up close while working on your roses? All I can say is little Karma must have had a guardian angel looking after him! Speaking of tarantulas – several years ago I was at The Smithsonian Institute of Natural History in Washington, D.C. and they were feeding them that day. Eww! Someone told me they won’t hurt you. I told them they would make me hurt myself getting away from it.

    • When Magic was a pup, I noticed him sniffing and following something in the grass. It was a tarantula! Big, hairy thing…and they tend to be shy and rarely cause problems, but I just didn’t want him to risk getting bit/stung. I’m more concerned with scorpions, those give me the willies!

      • OMG scorpions – if I saw one of those things with their tail up in the air coming toward me well someone probably could chase me to China with one. Heck, I don’t even like June bugs or locusts.

        • *s* We have the little ones here, and they get in under the doors. I’m always afraid one of the pets will try to play with it, or I’ll step on one barefoot in the dark. They seriously ook me out. Other bugs don’t bother me at all (well, mosquitoes are aggravating but not creepy).

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