Monday Mentions: Cougars, Detours & Barely Bear-able

CougarCanyon2Have you ever taken a wrong turn and gotten lost? How did you find your way back? Use a road map, or simply wander around a bit…and discover worthy sights?

On the drive home from Colorado, we missed an exit–lucky for us! Otherwise we never would have stumbled upon that outrageous life size bronze of a cougar. There’s a reason my cat is named Serendipity–I’ve learned to embrace life’s happy accidents and mine such things for the gold I might otherwise never see.

For instance, several years ago a door closed on my writing and a window opened with an opportunity to teach music. Although I soon returned to the writing path, that side trip whetted my appetite for composing. I probably wouldn’t be writing music today if not for that glorious/awful/soul-searing/awesome experience.

Writing is like that, too. Those of us who write talk about “pantsers” vs “plotters” which simply means those who write by the seat-of-their-ass-ets or the writers who plan each plot point before they sit down to write. I do a lot of planning, but have learned to loosen the reins a bit to allow for those unexpected mind-burps that may be more than indigestion. Today’s post is brief (again! sorry…) because I can’t wait to get back to the fiction-icity world of HIDE AND SEEK. My characters have taken me on a few unplanned side trips that turned out to be the RIGHT path after all.

What kinds of unexpected gloriosity has life/writing/the world thrown your way? How did it change you–or did it? Do tell!

Meanwhile, here are pictures of a few more “unexpecteds” that happend in Colorado. We couldn’t plan for this, and it was not at all pleasant while it happened. But DANG, it’ll make a good story. After all, everything’s material!

bear 614

Baby bear has 2 strikes with those ear tags…another one sends him to Rainbow Bridge, so we shooed him away anytime we saw him. Poor baby…just hungry, due to the drought.


The result of a much BIGGER bear visit…he broke through the garage, ate an entire bag of garbage and (we hope) will sleep it off for a few months. Yes, the garage door had to be replaced.

Colorado2013 011

One reason we go to Colorado…the view from the deck where we write. *sigh*

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Monday Mentions: Cougars, Detours & Barely Bear-able — 6 Comments

  1. It has been almost 2 years ago we had a cougar siting in our own back yard. I had to ta a picture to prove to my hub that it was not my imagination. Ike and Tina slept through the whole incident.

    • Wow! I know that here in N Texas when they built the nearby golf course, we were told there were sightings of a panther. I’ve seen bobcats but nothing that big. Scary–gorgeous but scary.

  2. Love Colorado–had to join you with a deep sigh after seeing the shot from your deck. Simply awesome. And, so is the shot of the garage door, the bear that broke in has a future in remodeling if the zompocolypse happens. Thanks for the linkage, Amy. 🙂

    • Gene, I shot a bunch of video this year, so when I get the chance, I’ll put that together and have mountain streams and bird sounds and streaming critters to sigh over for the next 11 months–till I can go back!

  3. I take after my dad in some respects. He was known for taking “shortcuts” that actually took longer to get somewhere but were great for sightseeing. However, if he happened to take a wrong turn {he “never” got lost 🙂 } he would get very upset and struggle to get back on track as soon as possible.

    Me, I don’t worry about getting lost because I know that if I’m heading in the right direction then I’ll get there eventually. And I’m also known for taking “shortcuts” just to avoid taking the same old route. I love to see things!

    • My dad never wanted to ask directions, either–drove us nuts. But he usually got us there. I’m directionally challenged, so if there’s a 50/50 shot of the right way to turn–I go wrong. But that does offer unexpected opportunities!

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