Monday Mentions: Cool Cons, Paws-some Promos & Viral Videos

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. Today’s blog has lots of great conference links you’ll want to check out. And for your furry fix, be sure to check out the videos at the end, too. You won’t be sorry!


Paradigm Shift a must read for all writers from the awesome CJ Lyons

6 Ways to Promote Books on a Budget

To Acknowledge or Not a somewhat cranky opinion (IMO!) and yes, I include ’em. Folks can always skip reading, if they want. Do you include them in your books? (Thanks to Kathy Owen for the link)

7 Steps of Sales a good refresher for writers these days. Thanks to Diane Capri for the link.

Pinterest Promotions thanks for the link from Maria Polson Veres offers a way for reviewers and readers to find books via an electronic file. LOST AND FOUND is one of four free titles featured this month for review.


I’m still trying to figure out how to get the audio version of the thriller book and audio of the kitten care title to reviewers–any tips/ideas?

ISBN 101 everything you need to know

It’s mid-January and the calendar for 2013 is FULL of wonderful conferences and events. Have you made your choices and reservations yet?

The Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) annual Awards Banquet is the night before the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Sunday, February 10, 2013. This year my work has been nominated in three categories, for best newspaper column, best website, and best radio podcast. The DWAA is a great organization for those who write about dogs to network and support each other.


WANA stands for WE ARE NOT ALONE and is the brainchild of the energetic social media maven Kristen Lamb. I took one of her email courses on blogging some time ago and it’s changed the way I work and expanded my reach! Kristen and her team have a “virtual” conference planned WANA CON, so if traveling for you is outside your budget, this may fit the bill. More information here.


Yes, there are conferences for pet-centric folk, too. If you’re a blogger who includes any sort of CRITTER in your content (or maybe your pets take over the keyboard now and then), you’ll want to check out BlogPaws. I’m saving my pennies and hoping to finally attend this next one. This is a year-round organization that supports and offers education to pet bloggers on all the must-knows, so even if you have a conference conflict, check out to connect with other pet lovers. Click the banner to learn more about the conference.


I’m an Honorary Lifetime Member of the Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. and was president for its 40th anniversary event five years ago. It’s one of the most economical conferences around, and where I found my awesome agent many years ago. This year as a speaker I discuss THE REINVENTED WRITER, covering all the new ways to publish, promote and SUCCEED as a modern writer. I hope you’ll join me. (And yes, I’ll wear sparkles :))


ThrillerFest VIII promises to be one of the best conferences of the year. Maybe I’m a weeee bit prejudice, because I met my editor and publisher at my first ITW event–and this year, I’ll be in the Debut Author Breakfast Panel celebrating publication of LOST AND FOUND! Yes, dreams can come true. Check out this wonderful guest blog by another ITW and awesome thriller author Alma Katsu to learn more about the event.


Awesome video about orphan bat baby, thanks to Serena Dracis for the link

Fascinating look at wild dog interactions with baboons. Is this how it started with humans and dogs?

From the dog’s point of view…this is AWESOME!

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  1. Great links as always, Amy! I’m bookmarking several of them for future use (ISBN 101, promoting on a budget, yes please!).

    The conferences sound great. I have a conference post scheduled for tomorrow, so I’ll link back here since you’re going to some I’m not. Great minds think alike!

    So, the videos… Oy! I think I’m smitten with Lil’ Drac. He’s way too cute. And the rules of love, oy again! Made me cry. Dogs are so awesome. I didn’t watch the baboon one because primates scare the poop out of me.

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