Monday Mentions: Book Giveaway, Laptop Looser & April Fools Fun


Cat ears that move with your mood! (check out the matching tail, too!)

Seren is starting off the week right with some catnip, I’m getting caffeinated, and it’s the first day of a new month–fresh start, right? By now the laptop travails should be resolved. The replacement mother-luvin’ board arrived, the techno-miracle workers at Best Buy installed it, they called to say it worked great (YEE-HAW!) but did I want them to run full diagnostics while it was there? Feeling generous and relieved, I said, “You betcha!” And yep, my virtual tail was a-wagging. (I may need those ears, too!)

And two days later, the mother-lovin-board (new one) gave up the ghost. Gak! So now it’s been sent on to the Best Buy uber-wiz-bang folks. And I’ll be shopping for a new just-in-case laptop so I’ll have a backup in future. Oh, and before there’s a re-run of all the well-intended urgings to MAC-ATTACK, I’ll pass and here’s why. I already have two working desktops, music writing software, photoshop, audio-recording software and more running on existing machines and I need ’em all to “play nice.” I have no time/energy for yet another learning curve with my deadlines. So while I’m sure the MAC would be a magic wand cure for all-that-ails-the-tech-world, I just can’t afford the time/$$ investment.

CompetCatI’m excited to announce that my Cat ComPETability book is now available in PRINT! And to celebrate, you can enter for a give-away for a paw-tographed copy of the book. Meanwhile, I’ve once again crossed off major must-do’s so that this month will be one devoted to fictioning. Remember that tonight (and EVERY Monday night!) you can listen and call in with your pet questions on my new CAT CRAZY radio show.  RLPN-ListenToMyShowOn

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. Lots of fun pet-astic videos at the bottom, too. For new followers to the blog, welcome! and you can expect more cat and dog specific schtuff later in the week on Wednesday and Friday. In honor of APRIL FOOL’S DAY, one of the topics below is less than truthful–can you guess? The answer is clear at the bottom (don’t cheat!).


Goodreads Acquired by Amazon from the Goodreads founder. And here’s more from Amazon. Tim Spaulding from LibraryThing weighs in, and why this is  GOOD thing from discussion from David Gaughran.

Agent-Assisted Publishing & Amazon White Glove from the awesome Melissa Foster

Website Hosting–Info You Need to Know from Jami Gold

Congrats to the Thriller Award Nominees!


Were you right? Here’s the scoop on what’s bogus and why!

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Monday Mentions: Book Giveaway, Laptop Looser & April Fools Fun — 8 Comments

  1. Wow! You mean, I really COULD twitch my tail now? We need to tell Tameri Etherton about this…I just know she’d want those. 🙂

    Thanks for the mention (of Jami’s post) and for the really entertaining blog. I love your pet stuff!

  2. Hope you get that laptop issue resolved – what a pain. Looking forward to the Cat Crazy show tonight. Would it be possible for cat asthma/bronchitis to be discussed on a show? I did a book review on Goodreads for the above-mentioned ComPETability book. I encourage everyone to read this book. Have a great week Amy.

    • Hi Patricia! I’m sure we could discuss asthma/bronchitis…there’s also a show that features a veterinary internist who probably would have some great info.

      Thanks so much for the kind words about the book! We’ll talk a bit about ComPETability book tonight on the show, too!

  3. Amy — sorry about your computer woes! Nice that you can be so cheery in spite of it all!

    Thanks for the chance for a book too! Someday I am going to need that one!

    My topic of interest right now is what preventive analyses and tests should one’s cat have from ages 7 up. I want our dear one to live as long as cat-ly possible! (LONGER really. I mean I can ASK, can’t !?)

  4. Is it completely ridiculous that I totally want one of those tails? The ears I could live without, but the tail amuses me.

    As for switching to Mac, problem with those is when they go down, it seems there’s less you can do yourself. I have friends and family who can fix most PC ailments. My sis had to send her Mac into the shop and I believe there was at least an entire month of back and forth where it kept breaking over and over and their support kept making the same repair every time, nevermind that it hadn’t worked the last 3 times. So Mac is not a total cure-all. It’s less prone to viruses because fewer people bother to make viruses that attack them, but I suspect the same is true of, say, Linux. If your into graphic design, video editing, and anything excessively visual-arts-oriented, Mac is still king from what I understand, but it’s not the magic bullet some people claim it to be. I will give you a hint on the laptop if you don’t use one already: get a cooling fan. It will extend the life of all the working parts, because it keeps them from getting as hot while you work. 🙂 I have the LapCool2 – blows cooler air onto the bottom instead of drawing it away, for us it seems to work better because of that. Simple little USB-powered thing.

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