Monday Mentions: Birdy Dancing, Co Dreaming & PUB DATE!


Maurice, the dragon wordsmith of all things writerly.

All this inspiration worked. My thriller LOST AND FOUND was conceived, plotted and finished during previous trips and I just found out the pub date:

September 20, 2012!

I will let you know just as soon as pre-orders are available. It will be published in print and all Ebook formats, woot! I just got my copy edits back in time to input the results of the “name” contest–will it feature your cat or dog favorite name? You’ll want to check out the voting for NAME THAT DOG and NAME THAT CAT polls. So far the dog names Dakota and Bruno are nearly neck-and-neck, while cat names Macy and Karma are top contenders. Votes close July 31.

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. Some of this “schtuff” can be hard to categorize and may fit more than one topic so I urge you to at least scan them all.


Social Media Vs Big-A$$ Book Reviews which sells more books?

Bloomsbury Ebook Sales Up 70%

James Scott Bell Writer Workshop in Nashville Aug 11-12

Top 10 Brain Myths fun stuff!

Facebook “Page” vs “Profile” some good info and tips

Ebooks Now Dominate Fiction Sales

Penguin Buys Author Solutions   will they continue the program or kill the competition? Hmnnn.

Job Opening: Senior Editor

Discoverability & Marketing Conference


Cat Is The Mayor

Behavior Express Tour “Keep LOVE Alive” coming to city near you? Solving pet behavior problems, expert help.

Hero Dog Awards Announced! wow, what amazing canines

Feline Husbandry the book by Neils Pedersen now available in PDF (free!)

The Ecology of Disease scary and true! Bats to pigs to people? Oh my…

White Nose Syndrome in Bats

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11 thoughts on “Monday Mentions: Birdy Dancing, Co Dreaming & PUB DATE!

  1. Aw, your bird and dragon are so, so cute! You are the travel queen. I hope you get a chance to relax before your next big adventure. Great links up there, Amy. I’m going to skip the dog and cat naming since I suck at animal names. Truly I do. I’m off to check out those fab posts you linked to. Have a great week!

    • Thanks Patricia! I spent a couple of days in CO going over potential marketing ideas, blog tours, etc. Sounds silly, but two months out is really not much time to plan!

  2. Yahoo! on the pub date. I’m sure you’ll let us know where to drop the change when it’s available. Congrats.

  3. That brain article is really neat. 🙂 Though on the senses, I suspect there are even more that we share with animals that we just don’t notice/acknowledge anymore. Hypersensitive people I think are more likely to notice some of the “odder” ones. I can feel changes in air pressure (though those are usually marked by pain of some kind – arthritis, headaches, or both!). Something I never realized other people can’t do (or I guess they can’t since people look at me funny when I try to explain this) – I can feel vibrations through my feet or in my chest or throat that manage to get interpreted as sound. I used to know before anybody else when the bus was coming because I could FEEL the low rumble before I could actually hear it, and my brain sort of perceived it like hearing, but I could tell it wasn’t coming from my ears. After reading articles on infrasound, I guess other people are definitely affected by it, just don’t notice it the way I do. Now that I know infrasound can cause anxiety and feelings of an “evil presence”, I will sometimes try to focus and listen for it, to see if that’s what is making me nervous – if I do figure out that’s what it is, I’ve found the anxiety reduces itself as soon as I allow myself to perceive it as sound, because then my brain makes sense of it in a different way. The current suspicion with regard to infrasound is that it was somethg that evolved as a response to make us seek shelter when things like earthquakes or large storms were on the way – earthquakes are often preceded by those low vibrations, so it would make sense. I imagine it’s also how animals know to move when something like that is coming.

    Cat mayor… oh my… don’t they realize that’s the first step in feline world domination?

    Disease coevolution is something that was mentioned in one of my anthropology classes – in particular where it related to AIDS. HIV as we know it originated from monkeys/apes (the article linked says chimps – I thought it was the rhesus monkey but I may be confusing it with another study, it’s been several years and I do occasionally muddy information in my head – quick google search says the rhesus are involved in the search for a cure, so that may be where I’ve gotten my signals crossed) – the suspicion is that it first came into the human population by way of bushmeat, possibly by an accidental cut to the hand while butchering. In monkeys, it does not kill them. Not only does the animal evolve to survive the disease, but the disease evolves to allow the animal to survive. It does no good for a parasitic organism to destroy its host – if the host dies, the virus can’t reproduce without transferring to another host, which is just terribly inefficient. Unfortunately, humans and HIV did not evolve together, so the combination of our bodies not knowing what to do and the virus not being attuned to the human system was a disaster. Of course, we also know that humans can transmit new diseases to one another that become dangerous when those not immune are exposed. The loss of several native populations can attest to that.

    I try to explain to people that even if they don’t care about the environment in general, they should at least care about conservation as a matter of self-interest. Those studies just reinforce that fact,

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