Monday Mentions: Author Hate, Furry Love & Thanks

Complete Kitten Care Book CoverHey, it’s Thanksgiving week, and I’m up to my furry chin in to-do lists. The next two weeks will be crazy-busy for me and probably for y’all, too. I just uploaded my first audio book along with updated (in color) photos on the Kindle version of Complete Kitten Care because I wanted the SQUEEE! kitten pictures to be available with the newest Kindle Fire versions et al. I’ll let you know when the audio book becomes available at–I’m told that will be in two to three weeks.

I have some fun blogs planned this week for Woof Wednesday (taking your doggy to visit relatives–what to do & what NOT to do), and Furry Friday (holiday safety including Christmas tree tips for pet lovers). I’ve tried to put together some posts ahead of time to clear my schedule to record the AUDIO BOOK VERSION of my thriller Lost And Found.  THANK YOU so much to everyone who has “adopted” my debut thriller and posted such glowing reviews. Nearly 250 readers have also added the book to their “to-read” list. Paws crossed they enjoy reading it as much as I did writing the story. Oh, and that’s another reason for blogging ahead–I simply must get started writing the next September and Shadow book. HINT: I’m listening to readers’ comments and suggestions so the next book also hits a furry home run.

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week.  Enjoy! And please have a safe, happy and blessed Thanksgiving holiday.


Why Publishers Hate Authors an entertaining and enlightening read from Author Beware

Sleuthfest Saturday in February time to start planning your 2013 events calendar and this one looks like a winner

Romance Novel Convention looks like another good option in August 2013

On Turning DOWN a Pub Contract food for thought

Creative QR Codes–Make ‘Em Work for You

Getting More “Likes” and “Follows”

Debut Novel Success, A Case Study this is fascinating, authors will want to read this one

NaNoWriMo Tips from Jenny Hansen (you’ll want to follow this blog, trust me!)

Blogger/Brand Relations notes from BarkWorld by paw-some pet blogger and social media maven Dr Lorie Huston

EBook Promotions 101 from Gordon Kessler, lots of terrific info here.

Revolutionary Characters, an awesome post from Kristen Nador

Amazon Reviews–The Good, The Bad, The Clueless? another discussion of the review removal situation

Giving the Gift of Ebooks–with Livrada a new way of doing things

Crazy Writers & Creativity

Pinterest Promo Tips for Writers


9 Common Buggy Myths a great list and info for pet lovers from one of my fav bloggers Pet Health Gazette

Hank The Cat Got 6000 Votes in the recent senate race…now that’s one cool kitty!

Presidential Cats a list from history, fun stuff

What Dogs Want in a Toy boy did they nail this one! Magical-dawg could have written this!

Don’t forget to ENTER the Lost And Found Book Basket Give-Away, deadline November 25, for your chance to win a pet-centric basket of goodies and paw-tographed copy of the thriller book!

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  1. Looking forward to Wednesday’s post. Blizzard will be making his nursing home debut next week (he gets a bath tomorrow!). Even though he has his Canine Good Citizen I’m a little nervous about how he’ll be.

    • Oh I’m sure Blizzard will be terrific Andrea! Not sure the post will be as helpful in your case–mostly it’s aimed at those taking Pup-tilicus to visit Grandma (who has cats or other dogs).

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