Magical-Dawg Reviews Revel from The Honest Kitchen

IMG_2465I received a free 2-lb box sample of the new REVEL dog food from The Honest Kitchen for an honest review. I am not being paid for this post, and The Honest Kitchen is not responsible for the content of this article.

I was first introduced to The Honest Kitchen at a Blogpaws Conference a couple of years ago, and received some cat food samples. At the time, my old kitty Seren ate a therapeutic food recommended by the vet, so I set aside the samples. Then Karma-Kat showed up on the back patio last February, so hungry he tried to eat my shoes, and I mixed up the samples and have kept the dehydrated cat food on hand ever since.

So when asked to sample Revel, the latest offering for dogs from the company, I agreed. I don’t typically feed canned food to Magic because it’s not really cost effective for his size. I suspected he’d like it, though, since he insists on cleaning out the cat food bowls if I don’t get them picked up in time.

Like the other formulations, Revel is a dehydrated food that comes in 2-pound, 4-pound and 10-pound boxes. A 2-pound box, once the water is added, will make 8 pounds of food. Simply add enough water to hydrate in the consistency you want, wait three minutes, and serve. I used warm water so it would also add to the aroma that stimulates pet appetites.

For folks eager to offer wet food with wholesome ingredients, I like the concept of being able to mix up single-serving amounts as needed. In my experience, once a container of canned food has been opened and leftovers refrigerated, the remaining food is not as well accepted.

Besides the assortment of vitamin and minerals, the human grade ingredients include free range chicken, organic barley, potatoes, organic flaxseed, organic oats, green peas, carrots, bananas, organic kelp, parsley, and celery. I doubt that dogs (or cats) care whether it’s human grade, organic, or not–they don’t read labels, and we know what sorts of things they like to eat, LOL! But for pet parents that prefer highly nutritious and wholesome choices, this is a fine option.

Revel formulation is high protein, high calorie so is recommended for highly active adult dogs, as well as growing puppies. If your dog tends to be overweight or has health issues that preclude these levels, first ask your vet to recommend one of the other formulations that best fits his/her needs. Revel contains 485 calories per dry cup, consisting of 24.5% protein, 15.3% fat and 46.6% carbs.

Magic would happily eat this every day, but for my 90-pound GSD, a 10-pound box (about $60) would only last him 2 weeks. I love him dearly–but this costs about twice as much as his regular ration. However, as a treat or supplement mix to his food this could work well, since he is still very active and in great condition for an 8-year-old doggy.

You can learn more about Revel and the other The Honest Kitchen food products here. And I’ll let Magic tell you what he thinks…

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Magical-Dawg Reviews Revel from The Honest Kitchen — 2 Comments

  1. I just received a box as a Klout Perk and my dog loves it. I also have a big dog and the box will feed her for a week. I agree the cost is rather high for large dogs but wouldn’t mind adding it to the food, as my dogs loved it. It’s also very easy to make. I also like the fact that it has an AAFCO statement!

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