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Prize: Dog-centric or Kitty-styled basket

Find Your Lost Cat-Luv Basket:
Includes “paw-tographed” to the recipient, books Lost and Found (authors debut thriller) as well as the nonfiction books Complete Care for Your Aging Cat and a “surprise” cat book from another colleague. It would also include an assortment of cat toys/treats/products. (Believe me, I have a BOATLOAD of toys/books ready to ship! Check out a picture and list here!)

Find Your Lost Dog-Luv Basket:
Includes “paw-tographed” to the recipient, books Lost and Found (authors debut thriller) as well as the nonfiction books Pet Care in the New Century: Cutting-Edge Medicine For Dogs & Cats and a “surprise” dog book from another colleague, assortment of dog toys/treats/products. (You cannot imagine the AMOUNT of toys/books I need to send! Here’s a picture and list of contents!)

Open to: 18+, US

Giveaway period: Starts at 12:01 am on November 5, 2012 and continues until 11:59 pm on November 25, 2012. All times are Eastern.

How to enter: Rafflecopter – Log in with your name and email or Facebook.

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Magic with pile of Lost & Found books

Magical-Dawg is a discerning reader.

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LOST & FOUND Tour & Pet Theme Prizes — 6 Comments

  1. LOL I have both books yet here I go entering things again (hey, my parents might want a copy – Dad is currently borrowing Lost and Found from me).

    As for the rafflecopter question: Neither, because who can choose??? Or am I supposed to comment on the other blog? Guess I should just in case. LOL

    • Karyl, you have to go to the link to enter the contest–and then if you win you get to choose! *s* Oh, and if you decide to get a copy for anyone else (or they want a copy) I can always snail-mail an autographed book plate.

    • Thanks August! And I had fun with those pictures. It’s so hard to get photos of the two of ’em together. Magic’s always trying to sneak in a kitty butt sniff, and then Seren gets her tail in a twist and acts affronted.

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