No, the book isn’t banned. I’m being facetious. But you just can’t get the book at local stores. Maybe I need to take Magical-Dawg around to woof at them!

I’m having a wonderful time discussing LOST AND FOUND on the DogRead list, and being interviewed for online events. Locally I’ve planned a “Book Launch” party at Grayson College on October 26, and have schedule another book discussion group locally at Trinity Lutheran Church at 6 pm on Saturday, December 8.

NOBODY LOCALLY WILL CARRY THE BOOKS, even though it’s in their systems!

Although the book IS available in print, and IS available for online order, it IS NOT being carried on the shelves of local stores. Now, I can understand that shelf space is at a premium and they couldn’t afford to offer a venue for all million of the “books a million” they claim. But you’d think there would be a mechanism or exception in place for LOCAL authors with guaranteed events and sales.

We have only one brick-and-mortar store locally. I also asked at the local independent bookstore because I want to support indies–but they’ll only do consignment since they’re a used book store, which means the author buys the books, they shelve the books, and sell them for a percentage. I’m sorry but I’m not a book store, either.

The Sherman Texas “Books A Million” refuses to bring LOST AND FOUND into the store. It’s Corporate policy, not them. The powers-that-be won’t stock them in the store because they must FIRST be reviewed in order to be shelved. It’s apparently okay to list them on the website, but not physically in the store. If you’re an author and wanting your book on the Books A Million shelves, the number to call for info is 205-942-3737.

Wrap your head around that one!

Even if I could get the book into the review system, it’s doubtful that they’d be available locally in time for my local events. The automated recording says processing time is 4 weeks from date of submission.

So I’d urge you to order the LOST AND FOUND books (and any other author books) wherever it’s easiest for you to do so. And since you have to order the books anyway, look for the least expensive place because the books are the same no matter where you order them from. Right now, the amazon.com site has the best price for LOST AND FOUND. 🙂

And Magical-Dawg didn’t even have to woof at them.

12 thoughts on “LOST AND FOUND–IS BANNED?!

  1. BAM is still in business? For some reason I thought they were gone… *shrugs*

    In any case, shame the local independent seller won’t take them. : Have you poked around bookstores at nearby college campuses? A lot of the time I think they’re more willing to take in stuff like that.

    Page 151 BTW. Keeping me from going stir-crazy while I’m home sick. LOL

    • I know that it costs book stores more for shipping/stocking. But yes, I’m more than willing to pay a bit more for terrific customer service…or go elsewhere when I can’t get it.

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