Less Adoptable Pet Week

It’s Woof Wednesday and today I’m writing about less adoptable pets. We want our fur-kids to be a match made in doggy heaven for them and for us, and the less adoptable pets may get short shrift. In the “bad old days” chances are the less-than-perfect matches never saw the light of day. That’s changed, though, with dedicated rescuers and caring owners who discover furry gems despite any so-called imperfections. I just wrote a new article about adopting disabled pets you can find here.

In fact, the awesome folks over at Petfinder.com have declared September 17-23 to be LESS ADOPTABLE PET WEEK to give them a much needed paw-up in visibility. You can find puppies (and kitties) of all ages, shapes, sizes with obvious or hidden challenges.

The thing is, folks, most of these pets haven’t a clue that they’re any different than other pets. And there are advantages to adopting these fellows. Older pets already have all the puppy (or kitten) hijinks behind them and are known quantities, already trained, and ready to warm your lap. Besides, “old” is a state of mind and pets don’t read calendars.

Only one leg? Pets don’t let that slow them down! Hard of hearing or deaf? hey, my Magical-Dawg practices “selective hearing” too and you make accommodations for such things. Learn more about living with a deaf pooch in this article.

Maybe the pet is blind. Hey, I interviewed the owner of an old–AND BLIND–Bloodhound for my Aging Dog book, and “Green Machine” still worked for the police searching out and rescuing the lost. Pets don’t let perceptions (or lack thereof) slow them down. Learn more about how to live with a blind dog in this article.

If we’re lucky, we’ll eventually have pets that become “less adoptable” simply because of age. But no matter the imperfections there’s one universal truth–there’s no damage to their ability to give and receive love.

Have you ever adopted a “less adoptable” pet? Why were they labeled as such? What challenges did you face and — was it worth it? (I’m waiting for a resounding YES!)

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Less Adoptable Pet Week — 10 Comments

  1. My 14-year-old found a paid for an 11-year-old poodle mix last year. She doesn’t see very well, unless there is a lot of light. She is the sweetest dog and fits in nicely with the family (and is our other dog’s obedient minion). The poor thing had already been dumped, adopted, and dumped again before my daughter saw her.

    • God bless your 14-year-old! I’m always amazed at how wonderful these throw-aways often turn out to be–you’d think based on their experience they’d act out against the world and “evil people” who did ’em wrong but instead—sweeeeeet.

  2. This post is dear to my heart, Amy. My dog, Zoe, a deaf American bull dog, was deemed “un-adoptable” for her first two years of life. She’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. EVER. Thank you for sharing such an important message!

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