Karma Reviews Kong Glide ‘n Seek Cat Toy

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The fine folks at KONG sent me one of their new “Glide ‘n Seek” cat toys for Karma to try. It comes with two feather “toys” that have soft plastic round “feet” and a tuft of feather stuck on top. The hard plastic case — red over blue — is sturdy, attractive, and entices even when no toy is present. Karma had great fun just sniffing it and paw-poking into the various size holes.

Two AA batteries run the toy and fit in the bottom. A simple push button on-off switch on the side sets the toy in motion. I suspect there’s a magnet on a movable piece hidden in the base, and that draws the magnet-base of the feather toy around inside the case. It moves and rattles in an unpredictable pattern that really catches kitty attention!

photo 3photo 5I have two “nits” with the toy. It can be a bit noisy, but the sound of the rattling is enough to signal the cat to come running. Second and more serious is–at least with Karma–it’s too easy for the cat to capture and pull the toy out. One of the two toys has already been chewed and the feather is gone. I suspect that Karma got the toy out and Magical-Dawg stole it–I found it soaking wet and luckily only the feather portion was eaten. Right now, I don’t believe replacement toys are available, so be sure to safeguard these from furry miscreants.

Use the toy under supervision especially if your cats are munchers or you have a dog-thief in the house. I remove the toy and stash it in a kitty-proof area when not in use. Oh, and the plastic case also works well to drop hard kitty treats or other cat toys inside for feline fishing games, so the toy has dual purpose.

I was provided the The Kong Glide ‘n Seek in exchange for a fair and honest review. The toy costs about $32.00 ($23.00 at amazon.com).

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Karma Reviews Kong Glide ‘n Seek Cat Toy — 2 Comments

  1. That toy is adorable – love the color but Termite would pull the stuff out of it and then eat it if he could. The other day I put my clothes dryer lint in the trash can – walked out of the room and came back and he had gotten the lint out of the trash and was trying to eat it. Good grief.

    Love the pics. Karma has one big long paw of the law inside that thing. All of your stained glass is stunningly beautiful. Was your house ever on one of those Tour of Homes here? OMG I would think it would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful home than yours with all the stained glass and 700+ rose bushes. Beautiful!

  2. Karma tries to eat the shed fur I comb off Magic, too. Clueless, they are…LOL! Thanks for the kind words about the house. A couple of times we invited our church family to come out to see the roses when they were in bloom, but no tour to the public. *s*

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