Stop Jumping Jack Dogs


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Dogs jumping up is one of the least understood and most common complaints of dog owners. We don’t seem to mind so much when they’re puppies. It’s cute. That lil’ furry guy dancing around on his hind legs like an inept ballerina makes us smile.

But the sharp nails snag clothing, and when he gets big, a rambunctious dog can take you out at the knees and knock small kids or frail adults to the ground. Yet the more you yell and try to make him stop, the more he jumps. What’s up with that?

Here’s the deal. Dogs aim face licks at other dogs (and people), leaping to reach the face and eyes. It’s a sign of deference and constitutes a polite doggy greetings to those your dog feels are in charge.You can learn more about dog-to-dog communication in ComPETability: Solving Behavior Problems In Your Multi-Dog Household

So the more you yell, the greater becomes the dog’s determination to show even MORE deference and the jumping-jacks continue. I’ve covered a bit more in this video, below. But even more details can be found in two articles. The first one here helps with young pups to keep them “grounded.” And the second article–with input from several of my savvy colleagues–are tips for dealing with hard-headed adolescent and older dogs that just don’t get it.

There also are some “no jump” harnesses that can help with training, like the one listed to the left. Let me know if this works well for you. What other tips have worked for your jumping-jack dogs?

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