It’s All About the Cat–Article

In early February I attended the CATalyst Summit in Palm Springs with other cat-savvy, cat-centric folks in the veterinary and animal welfare world, concerned that cats don’t get the same respect as dogs. Read my report at my website, here, as well as listen to a radio show on the subject:



It’s All About the Cat–Article — 4 Comments

  1. My cat of 6yrs. will not let me scratch and rub under her neck, which she loves unless I am on the toilet. And it has to be with my britches in the down position. She will sit on my lap on the couch but not let me scratch her at all. I have tried sitting on the commode but it will not work. Help!!!!

    • Oh my! Well, she’s telling you what she wants. It could be the location, or might simply be that she feels able to control the interaction in the bathroom–since you can’t easily “get up” and chase her, LOL!

  2. Thank you so much for responding, I didn’t expect anything back. Missy is just so fickle, after adopting her from our local humane society, it has taken over 4 yrs to get her to where she is now. She must have been abused, I’m still learning how to interact with her, I have never chased or forced her, I just try small rubs and touches and if I get the paw on my hand that is the first warning I get then I always stop, cuz if I don’t the next is claw with a paw. Maybe in a few years I’ll be able to actually rub her belly?

    • Good luck with the belly rubs, ha! Very few cats like that, not even my super-laid-back friendly Karma. *s* Now then, SHOWING the belly is a declaration of trust…but kitty may not want you to touch it.

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