Doggy Moans, Groans & Itchy Ear Zones

Do your dogs make weird sounds? What do all those moans and groans mean? Do they mean the same thing–even pleasure?

I’ve found some past YouTube posts and decided to update and share them. I have to admit, Bravo-Dawg talks the most of any dog we’ve ever had, and he yodels, moans, groans, and happy-snarls when he wants attention. What fun! To anyone else, he might seem to be threatening–but we’ve become used to his special way to express himself.

How can you tell whether the noises mean he loves it — or is in pain? What sorts of sounds does your pooch make when he’s enjoying himself? Perhaps he enjoys having his ears rubbed and expresses his pleasure, as in this Ask Amy video. What other ways do your dogs have to express themselves?

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8 thoughts on “Doggy Moans, Groans & Itchy Ear Zones

  1. Oh, Amy….I have horrible separation anxiety when I leave my pets. I convince myself of all the sad & horrible things they are saying to me when I look into their eyes. My guy thinks that I’m crazy! Thank you for making me feel better….

    • What a great comment–not that the post helped (although I’m glad!) but that OWNERS can have separation anxiety from their fur-kids. Love it! Food for thought and another blog, Tiffany. Oh, and you are not the only one feels that way. *s*

  2. The part about dogs in Shelters suffering from separation anxiety breaks my heart. Every animal my wife & I have had has been from a shelter. It’s heartbreaking that so many of them don’t get adopted!

    • Bless your heart for adopting shelter pets! Yes, there are so many wonderful fur-kids waiting for homes. For those that have been relinquished to shelters it’s understandable they’d be more sensitive to being left alone. *sigh* Thanks for your comments and visiting the blog.

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