How To Litter Box Train Your New Kitten


Pretty as a picture! Image Copr. Amy Shojai, CABC

Did you get a new baby cat over the holidays? Con-CATS-ulations! Most kittens come pre-programmed to “do the right thing” in the litter box, but there are some challenges with the little guys. You can avoid some of these issues (and hopefully prevent litter box whoopsies in adult cats) by teaching the baby from the start.

Today’s Ask Amy has some basic litter box training tips. How have you managed training for your new kittens? Mom-cat often teaches good bathroom behavior, but some kittens are orphans and you have to do the teaching. Please share your tips in the comments–and feel free to add some SQUEEE! cute kitten pix, too. Of course, the Complete Kitten Care book has many more details on all-things-kittens. 🙂

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How To Litter Box Train Your New Kitten — 5 Comments

  1. Another thing I’ve done in the past is have several low walled disposable litter boxes on hand. When I discovered an accident, I’d grab a litter box, place it where the poo pile was, put the pile in the litter box, cover it and then show it to the kitten by placing him in the box and making him cover it a little more. Gradually I was able to move the boxes out of the inappropriate areas (yes, there were several) and into the area where I had the permanent litter box set up.

    • Excellent way to handle the situation. I’d add that thoroughly cleaning the “whoops” spot with an odor neutralizer also is key so the smell doesn’t return the baby to the scene of the crime. Also, those cardboard shirt boxes make great disposable litter boxes for the little guys. *s*

  2. Hi Amy,

    Great advice as always. Just a side note, we’ve trained two kittens recently in the litter box. The one who was orphaned at five weeks was the hardest as the mother didn’t have a good opportunity to train.

    Because we live on a boat and because we can’t have a pad outside the litter box for catching the stray litter and a number of other reasons, we also trained the kittens away from litter and use marbles. In a box we line it with dry deck, a rubber mat with pegs to keep it off the floor of the box and the liquid to stay away from the kitten. On top of this we have marbles. They give the kitten the same sensation of covering their deposits. To clean, we use a litter scoop and colander dedicated to the litter box, a hose or running water do the trick to keep the marbles clean. Eventually we use less marbles making the job even easier.

    • Hi Nancy–WOW, what a neat, innovative way to handle litter on a boat. I never would have thought of that. What size marbles? I would have thought it might be too heavy for small kittens but obviously it’s working for you. Thanks so much for sharing. I’d love to see a picture of this. Gosh, cat parents are the BEST when it comes to creativity!

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