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How Do You Say Love? Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™

by | Feb 9, 2013 | Dog Training & Care, Sponsored | 16 comments

Each year Subaru of America celebrates the love between our owners and their dogs with a dog-specific campaign. Subaru challenged bloggers to share how we incorporate our dogs to be a part of our family and why they are important family members.

I’m incredibly fortunate to not only get to take my Magical-Dawg with me to work each day, when I commute up the stairs, but to also have him (and Seren-Kitty) as an intrinsic part of my work. So I wanted to share some picture examples.

Subaru has their own ideas. Be sure to scroll down and watch a hilarious video from Subaru. And stay tuned to learn more about a fun (and addictive!) Subaru Facebook ap where you can create a doggy driver’s license, ask advice (from dogs!) and more. Here’s a sneak peak.

tan boy 17 days

Magic at 17 days old.

I scented some socks with “puppy smell” to bring home and share with Seren-kitty. At this point I’d already rearranged my work schedule, and added puppy gates and a crate to the kitchen, in preparation for his home-coming. I wanted to be sure he transitioned into our family, and didn’t put the cat’s tail into too much of a twist!

Magic w-chewie b

First day home.

Magic inherited the big ceramic water and food bowls that belonged to our first shepherd. Here at 8 weeks old and 11 pounds (his first day home with us!) it’s hard to imagine he’ll ever grow into them. During these first weeks, he stayed in the kitchen during the day (and I moved the laptop there to work). In the evenings he got to spend time in the living room with us–Seren-kitty was NOT amused! Magic even accompanied me to theater rehearsals in the evening–and discovered he LOVES car rides. The other actors vied over who got to puppy-sit while I was on stage.

7-31 Magic & Seren

Together at last!

It took two months and lots of bribes to bring these two together (Seren loves Philly cream cheese!). The introduction process between these two was documented in a case study presented online and published in the IAABC journal. Yes, Magical-Dawg and Seren-Kitty are not only part of my family, they are what makes my career a success. I call them my “furry muses.”

11 month magic and seren

Seren’s still “top dawg” but that’s fine with Magic.

Now at 6-1/2 years old and 85 pounds, Magic and sixteen-year-old Seren actually get along very well. He’d still like her to play tug with his toy, but she’s given up plotting to get rid of him. Most evenings, after I’ve FINALLY shut down the computer for the night, Seren curls up on my lap while Magic squeezes himself onto the footrest to keep my toes warm.

We are family. As it should be.

How do your dogs fit into your family? What do you do to make them feel special and incorporate them into your day to day living?

Subaru suggests putting your dog in touch with Grant Weber, Subaru Canine Sales Associate. If you’re a dog, and you’re looking for a Subaru, head on down to see Grant Weber. You’ll leave with your tail held high. Here’s a teaser (below) but Seren-kitty has been LOL about this one–check it out!

Please also share the fun on Facebook.

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  1. rumpydog

    I know that the “in” thing with advertisers it to include a dog in their ads. But Subaru really gets it! They know that dogs are a part of our lives. I consider my dogs (and cats) when I make major decisions. They have won me over!

    • amyshojai

      Agreed! I love it when the company truly makes it about the RELATIONSHIP, and not just using a poster-pet face for cute-icity.

  2. Karyl Cunningham

    No dog in my life right now, sadly. You’ve already heard the stories of the family dog I grew up with, though. She was my furry sister.

    • amyshojai

      When you’re ready and able, you’ll find another dog to share your heart, Karyl.

      • Karyl Cunningham

        Yeah, here’s hoping. I’d have 2 right now if I had room for both the pups I tried to adopt… together we wouldn’t have had to worry about the separation anxiety. But there’s just no space here for two dogs. :

        • amyshojai

          Well…separation anxiety comes from the dog(s) missing the human so having a pair won’t necessarily prevent that. And a cat friend often is a great partner for a dog–they don’t want the same things out of life so there’s less competition for ‘stuff.’ Someday…*s*

          • Karyl Cunningham

            Yeah, I had always heard another dog buddy can lessen it though. The one dog I REALLY miss of the two (the other one really wanted to go home with my dad – apparently she was a man’s dog) was the shep/lab who as it turned out had come out of a neglect situation (which I suspected, tried to poke at the shelter workers, but they knew the former owners’ daughter and didn’t think she’d ever let her parents get away with that – then the 3rd dog came in starving and, well… x.x) – he was used to being around other dogs more than anything. But even crated he managed to hurt himself one day when I was away so I couldn’t justify keeping him when he was going to be miserable with me workign full time outside of the house.

            Still miss him. 2 days I had him and I still miss him. Sometimes they just grab you like that…

  3. Serena Dracis, Author

    Awwww! Super pics! Magic is a beautiful GSD! Tell Seren she’s gorgeous too!

    • amyshojai

      Thank you Serena! Both the fur kids appreciate it.

  4. Carol Bryant

    Love these pics – I ooohed and ahhed many times! I am totally looking into a Subaru for my next vehicle later this year. TY, Amy!

    • amyshojai

      Carol, we’re also probably looking at the end of the year and I’m intrigued by the Subaru. Of course, Magic would get to choose. 🙂

  5. tylersat99

    We traded my old Subaru Outback in this year for the new larger Outback because my two Newfs ride everywhere with me and love them. They handle great and their is plenty of room for both. The thick rubber mat in the back keeps the mud, water, etc off the carpet. The lady next to me was getting a Subaru to take her two black labs everywhere with her. Plus Subaru donated $250 to my charity choice ASPCA in my name. My Newfs wouldn’t buy anything else;)

    • amyshojai

      They donated to your charity?! That’s PAW-some!

      • tylersat99

        It really is, I got a stuffed ASPCA Dog and orange bracelet with a thank you for our donation. So Subaru even will donate to the Animal Charity. That is PAW-some:-)

  6. Marcie

    Loved seeing the pictures of him growing from a puppy! So cute!


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