HIT AND RUN, Thriller #5, Contest Give-Away

My author copies of HIT AND RUN have arrived! The paw-tographed copies were mailed yesterday to the six winners of the NAME THAT CAT/DOG contest, but I’m reserving one for the give-away contest (scroll to the bottom to enter).
In HIT AND RUN, September, Shadow, and Macy travel from Texas to South Bend, Indiana, to uncover a conspiracy that’s festered for decades. Scroll down to check out the video trailer, with some vintage clips of the Magical-Dawg who inspired the Shadow character. *s*

Hit And Run Releases Sunday October 4!

…and HIT AND RUN print and Ebook versions are available for pre-order on Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Nook, and GooglePlay.

A dog trainer with hidden secrets. A dead body with the keys to the past. Sniffing out the truth could get them all killed.

A message from the grave propels September on a mission to answer shocking questions about her past. But one by one, her sources die before she can reach them. Now death stalks September to silence her as well. Can Shadow thwart the killer? Will Macy-Cat sniff out the key to unmask a decades-old horror?

Hit And Run is the fifth book in the action-packed September & Shadow thriller series. If you like complex characters, canine companions, fantastic felines, and captivating twists and turns, then you’ll love Amy Shojai’s gritty page-turner.

You’ll reconnect with beloved regulars, revisit some old friends (Teddy’s back!), plus meet some new characters–good and bad–and of course, enjoy furry heroes. The book includes winners of the Name That Dog and Name That Cat contest.


BISHOP is a mysterious black and white Akita that appears out of a snowstorm. Bishop climbs through the broken car window to keep the young girl driver warm, and later, blocks a police car passing on the road to alert to the accident. He was nominated by Cyn Clarke. “He’s a very large black and white Akita that I rescued about 8 years ago. He loves children and became attached to my granddaughter within an hour of meeting her.”

KISMET belongs to the grandkids of “white-hat hacker” Teddy Williams, and she protects him from the killer by tackling the hitman. Robert Browning nominated this gorgeous Great Dane. “Kismet is our beautiful girl a Great Dane we rescued and we named her “KISMET” because it was kismet we got her. She is a real cute girl, placid, calm but bright and she loves nothing more than lying up on the sofa with you and just wants to be your best partner.”

OREO, a rescue Border Collie adopted by a Chicago detective for his son, interrupts an assassination attempt and saves the boy, and the cop’s lives. Sylvia Finch nominated Oreo. “Our border collie was an extreme people lover. Not being the normal high energy collie, she was calm and wanted to meet every person she met. She even asked in her way to meet new people by looking at me and then looking at them and back at me. Her name was Oreo because she had one black half and one white half of her face and more white than black all over.”

Cat Heroes to the Rescue!

This time around, the cats also get into the hero act. I’ll send you over to my friend Ingrid King’s blog and my guest post there, to learn more about the feline intrigue in HIT AND RUN.  This time around, in addition to Shadow’s usual viewpoint scenes, HIT AND RUN also has some Macy-cat viewpoint scenes, with some surprising cat-centric thrills. Fun stuff! You’ll have to let me know what you think.

I sure hope you enjoy the story, and if you do, please consider leaving a review once the book officially releases. Actually, if you’ve enjoyed reading any of the series, posting a quick note in the review mentioning your fav character (Shadow, right? or Macy?) would be fantastic! Now, scroll down and be sure to enter the PRINT BOOK CONTEST GIVE AWAY!


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  1. This book sounds and looks intriguing, mysterious and interesting. I really want to read and review print format of this book and your other books. Love the cover. Makes me want to read it.
    Not sure how to enter but commented so I had a chance.
    Hope I Win.

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